Huawei’s New AI Chips To Compete Against Qualcomm And Nvidia

The world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, Huawei, unveiled two new AI chips at the annual conference of its partners. Huawei has already surpassed Apple Inc. as the world’s No. 1. 2 smartphone provider. Now, they have another goal: to exceed sales and give competition to US chip makers such as Qualcomm and Nvidia in the AI market.

Yesterday, Huawei announced a new Ascend series that is capable of machine learning like Nvidia and Qualcomm chips. In addition to new chips, Huawei has also introduced cloud services to help devices better integrate with different services. Its cloud computing platform will compete with local companies Alibaba, Microsoft Corp, and Amazon Web Services.

The surge in AI and the cloud marks Huawei’s attempt to build a Chinese technology empire capable of competing with the world’s greatest players – an effort that has raised criticism in the United States. price war against its closest economic rival. Growing concerns about Huawei’s hardware security and its alleged links with Beijing also put pressure on its overseas operations. In response, the company states that it is a private company willing to work with global partners.

“Huawei’s artificial intelligence strategy is based on continued investment in core technologies and talent training,” said President Eric Xu at the Huawei Connect conference in Shanghai. The company’s AI chips underpin this strategic focus and align with Beijing’s express intention to set up a domestic semiconductor industry that can gradually wean China away from foreign imports.

Huawei is already developing AI-compatible “Kirin” processors for its own smartphones, with shipments overtaking Apple for the first time in the second quarter.

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