If being customer first is so important, why dont companies do it?

Business providers want to talk about technologies that enable companies to create customer experiences, increase sales and increase profits. Problem: While this initial client mantra has been repeated for many years, companies usually lose their plots.

Being the first customer seems easy enough, but as soon as you work on the orbits of three companies and individuals in one day, you will find out that the two are getting worse. Telephone trees, clumsy experience, data silos, people who do not mind are just some of the subtle hints that are not as easy as customers do.

While the customer 360 was introduced by Salesforce last week, the mystery of this customer fascinated me. The big idea was that customers got the ID, integrated the business system and shared the data. this. east. do not do. unique. idea. Indeed, many companies such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft are talking about customer's 360-degree vision.

Salesforce insists that this approach is unique. There is little doubt that the timing is correct. Companies want to focus mainly on customers, but it is difficult to change bad practices of technology and business for decades. Sales force CEO Marc Benioff said at last week's analyst meeting, "Digitization of customers starts and ends with customers anyway.

Whether the customer-centered approach will be launched this time will be decided by Corporate America. I am not optimistic. Simply put, the obsession between Amazon and its customers is not uncommon, but in that case.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says in a letter to shareholders in 2016 (see Bullets 2017, 2018).

There are many ways to concentrate business. You have competitor-led, product-driven, technology-driven, business-centric, and even more. But in my opinion, compulsive customer care is much more protection of the vitality of the first day.

Most companies focus on many things other than customers. And the technical systems underlying these customer experiences have what they say, but that is not entirely computer-centric.

So, why are not we still in this customer driven initiative? Here are some ideas.

culture. "For every business, we need to listen," Benioff says. Listening is a cultural trait, if your company does not do it, leaders, employees and customers will be released. Bezos pointed out that a company could use the investigation by mistake.

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