iFixit Teardown Reveals iPhone XS ‘L’ Shaped Battery

Since the first shipment of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is in progress, it is very appropriate that iFixit removed them into a frame. In the latest version, L-shaped battery with enhanced protection against thermal expansion, chip designed by Apple, etc. are demonstrated.

Disassemble iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from iFixit

Apple announced a new iPhone model at the media event on September 12th. This is a pre-order on September 14th. Currently it is sold at the Apple Store, pre-order shipments have already arrived.

iFixit notes that the notch on the battery corner looks like an intelligent movement. This is because the "L" curvature corners may be subject to dangerous development problems. Apple does not want a Samsung style explosive cell phone to be placed on the customer's hand or pocket.

The iPhone XS Max features a new power management chip designed by Apple, a haptic lager motor, and even more powerful speakers. Repairability of both models is reasonable and scores 6 out of 10.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max look like iPhone X they replace. Both have Super Retina OLED screen, Face ID front camera, 2 rear camera, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, stereo speaker, dual card support, plug-in socket. We support NFC's Apple Pay contactless payment.

The new model is equipped with a Bionic A 12 processor with a 6 core processor and 4 core graphics processor and a neural engine. The GPU is up to 50% faster than the GPU of A11 Bionic processor used by Apple on iPhone X. The Bionic A 12 chip can handle up to $ 500 million. Compared with 600 billion iPhone X, the number of operations per second.

This year's iPhone model interacts considerably with iPhone X. A big change is expected next year.

You can view the complete disassembly on the iFixit website.

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