"I'm gay, not a pervert": Furor breaks out in China while Sina Weibo bans gay content

Beijing L.G.B.T. Center said in a post, "We are all gay tonight," alongside photographs of young men and women. While some messages have been censored, the hashtag that means #Iamgaynotapervert has been viewed more than 1.35 million times.

Many activists had harsh words for Sina Weibo, saying that her attempts to limit freedom of speech had gone too far. "Our entire group has become ballistic," said 22-year-old Zhong Xinyue, a trainee at Canton Rainbow Group, an advocacy organization in the southern city of Guangzhou. She lamented the loss of a popular Weibo account called Gay Voice, which was deleted on Saturday.


Tens of thousands of Chinese residents have been on social networks this weekend to protest against gay images. the social network Sina Weibo.

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Even the state newspaper The People's Daily published an article online that contained veiled critics of Weibo's announcement. The article said that being gay or bisexual was not a disease, but he added that homosexuals had to "assume their own social responsibilities while defending their rights."

Although homosexuality is no longer a crime in China, the conservative culture persists that despises people in homosexual relationships. Some textbooks still describe …

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