Importance of the Instagram account and what are the benefits of buying Instagram accounts

Having an account on Instagram is great for entertainment for household individuals while for the business person, the Instagram account is the other name of the business development platform. But not everyone knows what is the importance of Instagram and what can you do on your Instagram account. The following facts will give you a better idea about the importance of account on this image-focused social media called Instagram. Moreover, we will also talk about what is the benefits of buying Instagram accounts. Let’s get into it!

Importance of Instagram account for your business

  • Instagram has 500 million active users per month and it is increasing day by day.
  • Approximately, over 60 million photos are being posted daily on Instagram.
  • According to stats, approximately more than fifty million users started to use Instagram in the previous 6 months.
  • The engagement rate of users is 58% more on Instagram than its parent company Facebook.
  • People got engaged to the Instagram 20 times higher than microblogging site Twitter and 14 times higher than #1 social media platform, Facebook.
  • According to estimated figures, over 50% Instagram users are accessing the Instagram platform each day.
  • People stay longer on it than other social media networks
  • People see their Instagram feed two to three times a day.
  • More than 90% of the world’s brands have their Instagram accounts and the figure is increasing day by day due to the utmost popularity of Instagram among people.
  • Over seventy percent business/ brand is posting their new content regularly on their Instagram profiles. They are getting more followers with the passage of time this is becoming the sole reason for their brand success. Now, people are more engaging with the brands than other social networking sites.

Importance of Instagram account for your fun activities

Instagram is also a great source of entertainment due to its diverse varieties of visual content. If you are not a business person, you can use Instagram to get some good stuff to enjoy the free hours of your day. You can follow your favorite sportsman, celebrities, politicians and rock stars and get all the latest updates about your favorite celebrities easily. A lot of celebrities use the platform of Instagram to share their different activities to show their fans.

Benefits of buying Instagram account:

These days, Instagram is the favorite social network for celebrities and top brands to connect with their followers. If you want to create your own brand image or identity then you need to manage your account on Instagram like a pro. But it is not as easy as it sounds. People put in hours to create the content before posting to engage more people and grab the attention of their targeted audience. It requires a lot to time to achieve the same. But if you have not enough time to create an engaging post then it’s better to buy Instagram accounts. Because that way you can get a large following base that will establish a strong image of your brand. You are also likely to get more comments and likes on your posts.

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