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10 Easy Tips To Keep Your Facebook Page Active

10 easy tips to keep your facebook page active

Update - 2020.04.01

Tips To Keep Your Facebook Page Active – Social media marketing is growing hotter with every passing day, and every online business is changing their strategy to be more active on a social media platform. Think of your Fb page or another Social media platform as the first point of contact where you improve the trust factor and later on sale happens on your website or via your referral link. Getting more active fans on Fb isn’t all that complicated, but it does depend on your definition of active. For me, active means people who come and read the content the re, whether that be informational, thought leadership, event-related content or conversation. So, if you want to active your page read us this article. Today we’re here with some tips for keeping your FB page active.

Tips To Keep Your Facebook Page Active – List

1. Don’t Post Too Often

This one is a common trap. You set up an Fb page and start to receive fans, but then you get it in your head that now that you have a channel and community you must constantly feed them content. No!  Never post just for the sake of posting. The re is no magic number for how many times to post in a week, but I very rarely suggested more than once a day.  You rarely lose fans for not posting content, but you can lose fans if you’re posting too often.

2. Use Images And Video

Text updates are boring and don’t survive out from the rest of the news feed. Stats show that photo albums get 180% more engagement, photos 120% more and videos 100% more.

3. Ask Your Community To Change The Setting To Get Notification

This one will not work spectacularly, but it’s worth a shot. If you float over the Liked button on any page you’re a fan of, you’ll see there is a choice to get notifications from that page. If you post an update asking your community to do this for your page and get fans to worry, your post visibility is definitely going to increase.

4. Request Feedback

This is an awesome concept as a result of not solely are you able to stand up to 90% extra engagement than your common posts, but you may also acquire priceless suggestions and concepts should you ask the correct questions, Like – What’s for dinner tonight?” “What do you think about…. ?, Asking questions gets more comments, which are heavier than Likes, which in turn is great for your EdgeRank and will get you more visibility. So do it!

5. Inspirational Quotes And Images

One for the Best ways to get engagement (depending on your audience) is to always post an inspirational quotes or images. Preferably, this relates somehow to your business.

6. Run Competitions

People always love free things, so give them the chance to win some. Posts about competitions get high engagement on your page, and if you promote your competition via Fb ads or other means, it’s likely your Fb community will grow as a result.

7. Be Funny

Nothing gets engagement like a funny post, photo or video. Try to be funny and you’ll find that your engagement will increase and thus so will your EdgeRank! Voila, your Fb posts are suddenly much more visible!

8. Facebook Offers

Facebook offers are a great way to get exposure for your Fb page and your business and generate sales. If you’ve got a great deal, consider promoting it via a Facebook offer – it’s easy for your fans to redeem and when they do, they send a nice viral message into the news feeds of their friends.

9. Coupons And Sales

People love free things, but they also enjoy getting discounts. Provide exclusive coupons, coupon codes or sales to your FB fans and promote this via a post – if it’s a good discount you will see plenty of engagement on your post. Not only will this help the improve the post, but you’ll see the viral exposure of your post and page increase as well, is driving more fans to your page.

10. Target Friends Of Fans

The easiest people to engage with on FB, outside your current fans, are your friends of those fans. When someone can see that their friend has liked your web page, it’s already more likely they’ll want to do so also because peer recommendations are a strong influence. It may cost a little bit of money, but it’ll increase the visibility of your Fb page more effectively than targeting the general Fb community.

11. Keep It Short

This one is an easy one. Try to keep your text posts short. Always posts between 100 to 200 characters get 60 to 70% more Likes, comments, and shares than longer posts. People just don’t want to read much anymore!

So above is all about tips to keep your facebook page active. I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.

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