Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Might Not Disappoint Like Galaxy S9

Galaxy Note 9 Might Not Disappoint Like Galaxy S9

The year Samsung did not go as planned. Disappointing preorder numbers have turned into disappointing sales for the Galaxy S9, as the company’s latest flagship product (normal size) broke an undesirable record or two by failing to attract an audience. Although the Galaxy Note 9 is not marketed before the end of the week, early reports suggest that, at the very least, Note 9 has a better start than its more affordable little cousin.

“The number of pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 9 is about 30 to 50% higher than that of the Galaxy S9,” said a local mobile operator in Korea. told The Korea Herald Monday. The se figures are only 80% of those of the Galaxy Note 8 at the same time last year, but it is still a clear improvement over the Galaxy S9.

It should also be noted that Note 8 was technically Samsung’s first phablet in two years, while Note 7 was recalled after the saga of 2021 that blew up the battery. The increase in demand for the Note line was most likely satisfied by the launch of Note 8 last August. Whatever Samsung predicts for the note 9, this must be considered a victory.

Pre-orders are one thing, but Samsung has to hope that note 9 will have a longer tail than the S9. Overall, sales of the S9 did not seem too disastrous until the second quarter, when it became clear that all fans of Samsung, except the most loyal, jumped the new phone. And while the Galaxy Note 9 is basically a Note 8 with some new features (as we pointed out in our opinion), Samsung seems to be doing a better job highlighting these new features this time around. It remains to be seen whether this will translate into sales.

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