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The Best Jobs of 2020

Best Jobs of 2020 – What jobs are hot right now? It may be hard to tell, sometimes. After all, just because a gig is well-paying now doesn’t mean it’s projected to grow in future. Using the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, job site CareerCast just released rankings of occupations based on 4 categories: environment, income, outlook, and stress.

The team used these elements to determine an overall score for each job and come up with The professions. ‘The Best jobs do underscore that while college may not be the golden ticket in the labor force that it once was,’ Kyle Kensing online editor at CareerCast says, “it’s still precious for getting into high-growth, high-paid careers.” Today we’re here with the list of The Best Jobs of 2020. So, check out our list below and let us know what do you think about the list in the comment section below.

Best Jobs of 2020 – List


Image result for Statistician


Job growth: 34%

Salary: $80,110

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Medical Services Manager

Image result for Medical Services Manager

Job growth: 17%

Salary: $94,500

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Information Security Analyst

Image result for Information Security Analyst


Job growth: 18%

Salary: $90,120

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Data Scientist

Image result for Data Scientist


Job growth: 16%

Salary: $111,267

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Operations Research Analyst

Image result for Operations Research Analyst


Job growth: 30%

Salary: $78,630

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Image result for Mathematician


Job growth: 21%

Salary: $111,100

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Software Engineer

Image result for Software Engineer


Job growth: 17%

Salary: $100,690

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University Professor

Image result for University Professor


Job growth: 13%

Salary: $72,470

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Speech Pathologist

Image result for Speech Pathologist


Job growth: 21%

Salary: $73,410

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Occupational The rapist

Image result for Occupational The rapist


Job growth: 27%

Salary: $80,150

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