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The Best Microphones For Podcasting

Live podcasts are probably the only thing that will push radio shows from their throne. At this moment, everyone can make a podcast because it only requires a laptop, an internet connection, and a good microphone. With that in mind, we will show you the Best Microphones For Podcasting and talk a little about what they have to offer. Some of these are among The Best microphones you can get. So, without wasting any time, here are The Best microphones for podcasting that you can buy right now.

Best Microphones For Podcasting List

AKG P220

If you look at condenser microphones, there is a good chance that AKG will show up somewhere along the way. This brand has existed long enough that their presence on the entire market of the microphones is felt. AKG P220 is a particularly exciting model with several cool features, excellent basic performance, and more. If you like a stylish piece of technology, you will love the P220. But good looks are only a by-product of an excellent build quality that AKG is known for. This microphone is probably one for the Best microphones or podcasting because it is equipped with a large attenuation pad and a well-functioning high-pass filter.

The Best Microphones Under $100


  • Excellent build quality, which ensures durability as well as reliability.
  • Good looks, which add to the whole experience.
  • High core performance with a clear but well-balanced sound.
  • A decent set of features that gives you some leeway.


  • The high pass filter might be too aggressive for some.
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Audio-Technica AT2020

best podcasting microphones

Working with vocals with a limited budget is something that Audio Technica does best. The y have a whole range of incredibly cool microphones to offer, and each model is tailor-made for different applications. Audio Technica AT2020 is an entry-level model that has proven to work great in just about any situation. As is the case, it is great for podcasts.

In essence, AT2020 is relatively simple. You have that classic layout on the side/top, a robust but stylish chassis, and a genuinely robust capsule on the inside. The microphone itself does not come with any functions, but and onboard the sound adjustments, but that is very good. The performance it offers makes it good. For this price, it is undoubtedly one for the Best microphones for podcasting.


  • A simple and proven design that works
  • Great set of hardware inside that offers plenty of performance.
  • One for the Best bang for the buck options available.
  • Aesthetically neutral, which allows it to fit anywhere.


  • It is missing a few features we would like included.
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Samson G-Track

The re are plenty of great microphones on the market. Some need an audio interface to work, while others only need a simple USB cable. The n there is Samson G-Track. This is a USB microphone that comes with a built-in audio interface. This is currently one of the unique solutions on the market.

The idea behind this microphone was that you could record everything you need with just one microphone. The microphone has a gain control and a unique instrument input. If you are doing a podcast that might use a kind of board, you can plug it directly into this microphone and push everything via USB. Overall, this is one for the Best microphones for podcasting that you can buy right now.


  • One of the unique designs on the market.
  • Excellent build quality, fit as well as finish.
  • Excellent performance right out of the box.
  • Innovative features which give it a real edge.


  • It might be a bit too niche for most users.
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M-Audio Uber Mic

best podcasting microphones

Despite its somewhat pretentious name, M-Audio Uber Mic is a pretty impressive addition to an already saturated market. It is no secret that M-Audio is a brand that is best known for its speaker, but they have certainly proven that microphones are something they can do just as well. Uber Mic is unique because it has a rare design with 3 capsules.

Moreover, you get a lot of great functions directly on the microphone itself. We are talking about four different polar patterns, perfect for interviewing people with just one microphone. Because it is a USB package, it is quite easy to work on the go. With such features and specs, this is one for the Best microphones for podcasting.


  • A rare 3-capsule design gives it a lot of potentials.
  • Excellent build quality that translates to good aesthetics as well.
  • Some for the Best features in its respective category.
  • Overall, bang for the buck champion.


  • The only thing that’s missing is on-board attenuation.
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Audio Technica ATR2100-USB

Handheld condenser microphones are not common today, especially in the podcasting community. However, they offer a considerable advantage when used correctly. With a top address, you get a much more focused execution. By the way, this is the type of microphone that you can take with you if you should. Meet Audio Technica ATR2100-USB.

What they did was transplant their already established condenser package into a handheld for that extra functionality. From performance, you get the same deal only in another package. If you see how some podcasts are not so static, a combination of this microphone and a longer XLR cable can be the perfect solution for you. Overall, this is one for the Best microphones for podcasting.

The Best Microphones Under $200


  • A straightforward design that has been proven by now
  • Excellent performance right out of the box.
  • The handheld format allows you more mobility should you need it.
  • It comes with a decent amount of accessories.


  • Lacks a few features some may find important.
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MXL 990

best microphones for podcasting

Against some of the more exotic microphones on the market, MXL 990 comes as a model that does it all without fanfares. It is a simple microphone with relatively blunt housing, which makes it fairly compact. With all that said, MXL 990 is popular with both beginners and advanced users for a long time. The reasons for this are numerous, starting with how easily the microphone can be used.

The performance profile is such that you have to make very few adjustments to get a good result for your type of voice. MXL990 comes in a beautiful, hard housing with a shock absorber and a standard screw mounting. Such things make it one for the Best microphones for podcasting.


  • A simple but timeless design that has been proven.
  • Excellent build quality across the board.
  • An excellent performance that is easy to adapt.
  • A good set of accessories for a budget condenser.


  • It needs a good pop filter.
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Blue Microphones Spark

Blue is best known for its Yeti condenser line. As good as they are, they often overshadow other great Yeti products. This time we want to talk about Blue Microphones Spark. It is a decent microphone with a large diaphragm that packs one of their better capsules. The focused nature of the capsule makes it great for podcasting. This leads us to its most exciting function.

Where most other microphones have an attenuation path or a hi-pass filter, Spark has a focus function. When enabled, it narrows the performance profile of the microphone, resulting in a more refined, clear sound. Combined with the great range of functions that come with it, this microphone is one for the Best microphones for podcasting purposes.


  • Excellent build quality with but also great aesthetics.
  • A very niche performance profile that works with podcasting.
  • An innovative and unusual set of features.
  • A great array of accessories.


  • Lacks a little in polar pattern diversity.
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MXL 770

best microphones for podcasting

It is no secret that MXL offers some for the Best budget solutions when it comes to condenser microphones. MXL 770 is such a model, and it has an average punch. If you are looking for an excellent value-for-the-counter ratio, you have found it. This microphone does just about everything right. Besides, it seems pretty cool.

Left out of consideration, the fact that you get a decent large membrane condenser complete with a weakening cushion and a high-pass filter for this price is pretty impressive. In practice, the microphone does reasonably well. It falls under those microphones for general purposes, but in the end, that has become the most important force. It is a perfect podcasting setup for beginners.


  • A simple but stylish design that looks great.
  • Excellent build quality, which we are used to from MXL.
  • Performance profile that makes it great for podcasting.
  • Great accessories right out of the box.


  • Not everyone will appreciate gold details.
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Behringer’s budget equipment now enjoys legendary status. Since this applies to all their product categories, it is expected that only a condenser will be found that fits this description. Behringer C-1U is what we have seen. It is a simple, low-cost condenser with a large-diaphragm that is designed to be used primarily with a computer setting via the USB cable.

As such, it has turned out to be very practical for those who are just starting their podcast. The fact that everything you need is this microphone, and a laptop makes it easy to work in this line. In itself, Behringer C-1U delivers an excellent performance, especially given the price, and is one for the Best microphones for podcasting.


  • A simple design is all about function over form.
  • USB connectivity makes perfect sense in this price range.
  • An excellent performance that is well balanced.
  • Quite a competitive price tag, which is its best attribute.


  • It is easy to reach C-1U’s limitations.
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CAD Audio U37SE-G

best microphones for podcasting

Playing a podcast with a tight budget used to be very difficult. Nowadays, there are condensers such as CAD Audio U37SE-G, which make it very well possible to do a proper podcast without spending too much. This microphone brings several surprises, which we certainly did not expect to start with the capsule. It is a good condenser.

If we say it correctly, we mean a decent microphone with a large diaphragm. Where real surprises begin, are the characteristics. Such a budget microphone comes with an attenuation block and a high-pass filter in it. Because it is a USB condenser microphone, you only need to plug in this bad guy, and you are ready to leave. Overall, this is one for the Best microphones for podcasting to buy right now.


  • Great value for the money in the budget segment.
  • It comes with a surprisingly good set of features.
  • Good overall build quality that inspires confidence.
  • Features a mount and a tripod.


  • The mic needs a bit of tweaking for optimal performance.


Podcasting is a great way to reach people and share your ideas. Setting up a good podcasting studio sounds like a lot of work and hassle, but it is not. As you can see, there are plenty of great microphones available that will do the job well. The above mentioned are our choice for the Best Microphones For Podcasting and include a variety of different condensers. If we had to choose one, AKG P220 would undoubtedly be our top choice. It is a well-rounded semi-professional condenser, making it more than suitable for good podcasting.

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