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The Best Android Launchers

Top five Android Launchers of 2020

Update - 2020.04.02

Best Android Launchers – In this article, I m going to tell you about the top five Android Launchers of 2020. An Android launcher is an app which is developed by some outside developer; it is used to change the look of the smartphone without changing any file. An Android launcher has more features than some other style of application, use of this app makes your smartphone a lot interesting. The y can help you to customize your smartphone completely as changing dock style, animations, desktop grid, icons, and plenty of different things.

The re are 1000+ launchers out there in Play Store. However, we’re going to have a look at the top 5 best Android launchers of 2020. So, people who need to make his smartphone much fascinating and want to change that stock look of their Android Smartphones, believe me, they’re in the right place.

The Android Launchers – List

Apex Launcher

This launcher offers you very smooth and sharp performance, it is very simple in use, and it used with an excellent level of customization which helps to create the usually appealing alternative for a lot of the standard Android Launchers who’re present right now in the market.
Apex launcher has many standard facilities and features included an excellent tablet mode. One nice feature of the launcher is the Pro version, it has the fantastic Apex Notifier service, which is use to push the notifications to a widget on your home screen.

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Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher deserves a spot in this list because it has long been a favorite of our readers. It has many unique features and qualities although it comes with a stock Android kind of look. A few of its features are Quicktime which is used to determine Theme accents on your backgrounds; you’ll be able to access almost anything by quick page which is like a hidden home screen. This launcher has a long historical past of the way it gets stable with all frequent updates. This launcher has a size of 5.3 Mb and it required at least 4.1 Android version to run. The latest version of this launcher is updated with Marshmallow launcher code base.

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Google Now Launcher

This launcher is especially for the fans of Google and Android. It is very essentially the stock launcher experience with built-in Google Now. It could feature simply,”Okay, Google”Howard integration, translucent theming components, and much more. It is very slim; it is not over powerful, nor it is customized, it is extremely quick also. It is a nice launcher that does not use a lot of resources, and this is the main things which attracted the Nexus owners once they turn on their device first time.

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Launcher 8

Launcher 8 is made for a limited cast of persons who just need to try the user interface of Windows Phone or who is a fan of Windows Phone. Usually compared to the other Windows Phone present right now on Android market, this app has more features which are very helpful and makes your phone a lot smarter. If you had the plan to try Windows Phone, then this launcher is for you. By this launcher, you can add colorful tiles of different sizes, restore and save Themes, switch application list style into vertical or horizontal and much more. You can run this launcher with many highly compatible Android Smart Phones like Acer(Liquid E3) and Motorola(Moto XT1058) etc.

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 Nova launcher

The re are two launchers that are the standout Android launchers, one of them is Nova Launchers. It offers an exceptional balance between enough features to customize things and to save lots of the data, without letting you down with its 17 levels of sub-menu hell and an unbelievable long options lists.
Nova Launcher is better than many different launchers because it has few more options which can be found in the free version, the re’s also a top version available of it. And basically, some credit goes to its better performance. The main specialty of this launcher is that it has different file sizes for different devices and it requires Android version 4.0 to run.

We I hope you like the article ‘Top five Android Launchers of 2020.’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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