The Best Upcoming Open World Games

The Best Upcoming Open World Games

Best Upcoming Open World Games – Are you looking for open-world games scheduled for launch of 2021? Game developers today work with ever-improving technology and, as a result, able to create gigantic and beautifully rendered worlds for gamers. We are constantly updating this guide with new games and release dates. So be sure to come back often.

Open world games are often at the center of game discussions, but some titles may go unnoticed by most players. So we thought we would make a list of the next open world games that excited us the most.

So, check out our list of Best Upcoming Open World Games below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂

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Best Upcoming Open World Games
Game NameGame RankGame Rating
The Sinking City1st9.5 out of 10
Dying Light 22nd9.4 out of 10
A Plague Tale: Innocence3rd9.3 out of 10
The Surge 24th9.3 out of 10
Atomic Heart5th9.2 out of 10
The Outer Worlds6th9.2 out of 10
Cyberpunk 20777th9.1 out of 10
Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr8th9.1 out of 10
Biomutant9th9.0 out of 10
Warhammer: Chaosbane10th8.9 out of 10

Best Upcoming Open World Games – List

If Focus Home’s Call of Cthulhu does not do it for you, The Sinking City is another Lovecraftian adventure in America in the 1920s with an open inquiry system. If you dig up to solve mysteries without taking care of your hand, Sinking City does not have checklists or goal markers to point you in the right direction. The scary monsters chasing you might be a strong sign that you are getting closer, though. Frogware is the team behind the recent Sherlock Holmes games, so they certainly have some experience of gumshoe stories.

2. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 was unveiled at E3 of 2021, where we are once again thrown into the apocalyptic world of zombies and forced to fight to survive. The players will be in a new city where factions are constantly struggling to maintain control of the region. However, the developers give more freedom to the players, because they can choose to follow different paths, but they will all have particular consequences.

As before, this is an open world game that will allow players to move freely. However, you will have to fight against the undead if you choose to go beyond the walls of the city. Fifteen years after the events of the original title, Dying Light 2 will keep the same hostile zombie creatures, even if they will remain lethargic during the day and more aggressive at night.

3. A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game takes place during the historic one hundred year war and follows the story of two brothers and sisters, Amicia and her younger brother Hugo, trying to survive. Players take control of Amicia and interact with the environment by throwing stones that can break the chains of the drawbridge, destroy the lanterns and knock out enemy guards. Players navigate in dimly lit areas where fire is the only means of protection against large swarms of infected rats. To progress, players will solve puzzles and sneak past deadly soldiers.

4. The Surge 2

The Surge 2 is an upcoming action RPG developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. Players will create a customizable character and will be thrown into Jericho City, an urban wasteland full of dangerous mechanical enemies.

The sequel takes the difficult fight inspired by Dark Souls of the first game, while adding new layers. The se include the expanded membership targeting system, as well as new capabilities, weapons, implants and drones for players to benefit from. The Surge 2 will feature a range of new types of enemies and new bosses that are sure to pose a challenge to the players.

8. Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

I am convinced that you can divide fantasy fans into two distinct categories: dragon lovers and cat lovers. Elsweyr is at the same time the most important of the four updates of the current “Season of the Dragon” DLC calendar. New players can experiment with the new Necromancer class, new story quests and global “Dragon Attack” events for everyone.

9. Biomutant

Biomutant is an upcoming action RPG developed by the Swedish developer Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with mutated animals, and players control a raccoon-like customizable character that can handle various weapons, including swords and rifles. The way players think about their character affects the game, with attributes such as gender, body shape, fur thickness, and fangs that affect the character’s stats. The main goal of Biomutant is to save the tree of life, which has become polluted and constantly attacked by enemy creatures.

I hope you like our list of “Best Upcoming Open World Games”. Leave comments in the comment section and let us know your views about this list. Our article on Best Upcoming Open World Games will be regularly updated as any new Upcoming Open World Games is released and reviewed, so bookmark this list as your favorite.  

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