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Best Video Converter Apps for android

Here we discuss the Best Video Converter Apps For Android. Android has made a massive wave in the smartphone industry; as lots of people are using Android devices for watching movies and videos. Many people like to share favorite content regarding audio, video, small clip to their friends, family, and relatives. Well, you know that original videos should not support to play on Android devices because Android only supports file formats like 3GP, MP4, and some others.

There must be a way to convert these video files to the appropriate format that your portable device could support. The utilization of Android phones has significantly improved inside a very short period. The deliverance of facilities, comfort of use, and affordability performed a huge role in making it so attractive. Android Smartphones are as nice as sources of videos. Watching movies and videos utilizing Android devices has become extremely popular over the previous period. In fact, you can watch any video on the smartphone with a single click on regardless of the location and time.

There are many Android Videos Converters are available on the Internet that can convert videos in almost every format. Using these Android video converters, you’ll be able to easily convert any unplayable video files to the most popular video formats such as 3GP, MP4, WEBM, MKV, MJPEG, MOV, etc.  And all of those converters will work on the Android Operating system, and they don’t require internet access so can work offline for all capabilities. Also, many of them free to use, and nearly all of these Android Video Converters can be capable of convert any video to mp4 and 3GP format. So check out our list of The Best Video Converter Apps android of 2020 and leave comments if you like it!

Why You Need Android video converter apps?

Many people love to share favorite content in terms of audio, video, small clip to their friends, family, and relatives. The mobile operating system has its own ability to support some file formats and some not. Unfortunately, original videos aren’t supported to play on Android devices as Android only supports file formats like MP4, 3GP, and some others. There are many Android Videos Converters are available for those users on the Internet that can convert videos in almost every format. So check out this list of Best video converter apps for Android and leave comments if you like it!

The Best Video Converter Apps For Android in 2020

Video Converter Android

Video Converter is likely one for the Best video converters for Android. Video Converter Android (VidCon) has FFmpeg library help that enables it to transform any video format to mpeg4 and h.264 movies together with codecs like AVI, MJPEG, OGG, FLV, ASF, WebM, OGV, DivX, RM, WMV, DV4, M2V, M4V, MKV, MOV, and many others. It comes with a user-friendly interface; you’ll be able to apply many colors to the app from its settings section. And its primary function is that the app lets users convert videos from one format to another format.  And using this app, users can also convert their video files to their other sensible devices like iPhone, iPod, Windows, BlackBerry, Xbox, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Google Nexus.

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is higher than just converting the video files. This allows you to download videos from popular online services that increase the usefulness of Any Video Converter. It also gives a feature of the online export tool. You can just copy the URL of any video from sites and only paste it into this application. This app will get the desired video for download. You can also adjust the video and audio bitrates, brightness,  frame rate, sample rate, audio, and video codices, and much more with Any Video Converter.

We all know that Android devices are supporting only particular video formats, so if in case you have videos in the unsupported format you can make use of this application as it converts any video into any of the desired sizes. Any Video Converter software supports video formats like 3gp, 3gpp, MPEG, mp4, FLV, AVI, VOB. This app also consists of an in-application help guide, online tutorial guide, and email help. The user interface of this application is very user-friendly that you can find all the output options in the top right corner and while importing files, it will only display the formats that are compatible.

Total Video Converter

Total Video Converter is a highly popular video converter software that converts different types of videos to play. Being the most useful android video converter, this software is available in both a free and paid version

Complete Video Converter takes video to convert to play. You can easily download it from Google Play Store, and it is available in a free and paid version. Like other converters, it also converts video to output formats 3GP, MP4, AVI (MPEG-4 Half 2), and AMR video which is used by mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3, etc. Complete Video Converter supports all media players that you could ever think of, but for few, you need to select the format like AVI or WMV and manually set up your screen size.

Video Converter Free

This video converter converts videos to DVD, MP3, AVI, WMV, MKV, 3GP, iPad, iPhone, and Android Phones. You may also convert online videos to MP3. You can copy and paste the URL from YouTube, Dailymotion, and many more websites. You can also convert your FVI to MP3 or any other format. Video Converter for Android is also great software to convert videos from one format to another. This app uses FFMPEG libraries for handling the video files. FFMPEG has a wide variety of video formats. And it also can utilize acceleration to reduce conversion time. Thus, this Video Converter app can convert any video format to the desired video format swiftly and efficiently. This video converter app supports 3GP, MP4, Avi, Flv, Asf,  Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Wmv, etc.

This app can convert any video file to formats like AVI, MP3, MTS, WMV, RM, QT, DV, TS, etc. You can also carry music (MP3, AAC, and WAV) and photos ( PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF) to convert them into videos quickly without any cost. It also prepares videos for playback on portable gadgets. Free Video Converter converts videos for Android, iPhone 1-6G, iPod, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, Nokia mobile devices.

Android Video Converter Field

Audio/Video Converter Android software is another best video converter for Android. The application can convert the most commonly used video formats to mp4, AVI, FLV, MKV, h.264, MPG, MOV, WMV, ASF, WebM video formats. And the great part of this app is that you can manually specify video bitrate, audio bitrate, video resolution, container, audio bitrate, codec, FPS, Video quality, etc. But the free version only allows you to select 3GP and MP4 format while you are performing video conversion.

Android Video Converter does not offer any unique form, but it gives plenty of resolution for your video files. It provides you step to step method of converting videos to another format that you don’t get any chance to make a mistake. You can easily take the video, select the resolution, and convert to the size that you want.


That is a list of the Best Video Converters for Android. All of those Android video converters provide the feature to convert unsupported to playable video for Android. Many of these Android video converters have each free and paid versions. And almost each free Android video converters include the ads. However, the upside of these converters is that all of these converters are supported for the regularly used video formats like Video to MP4, Video to 3GP, and Video to WebM.

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