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How To Add Video To A PowerPoint Presentation

Add Video To A PowerPoint Presentation – If you can embed YouTube videos in your PowerPoint presentations. You can both “embed” the Flash video in the slide itself, either you can link to the YouTube video from the slide that can auto-play when the presenter clicks on the video link. If they have high-speed Internet (or Wi-Fi) on the venue, you may stream the YouTube video live from the Internet else you could download the YouTube video on your PC and insert it into a local file into the important slide of your presentation.

Additionally, if the PowerPoint slide deck will be stored on a USB flash drive, it’s best to save the video file to the flash drive first, and then insert it into the slide using the steps below.

Steps To Add Video To A PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1. First of all,  Open the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation 2016 on your screen.

Step 2. Choose the slide you want to embed your video.

Step 3. Click on the Insert tab on the ribbon.

Step 4. Select Video on the right-hand side.

Step 5. From the drop-down, choose Online Video.

Step 6. A window will seem with options to load a video from SharePoint, YouTube, or with an embed code.

Step 7. NowTo locate the embed code from a YouTube video, go to your browser and find the YouTube video you want to insert.

Step 8. Scroll to Share, Click on Embed, Copy the embed code and Go back to PowerPoint and paste the embed code in the window.

Step 9. Afer that, Select Enter and your video will load into your slide.

Step 10. To play video in your presentation, click on the play button on the slide.

Step 11. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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