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How to Find and Kill Remote Connection Malware on Windows 10

Update - 2020.04.12

Find And Kill Remote Connection Malware – If technology isn’t making your life more useful, you aren’t the use of it appropriately. However for some folks, merely isn’t enough. So, right here we’re sharing one of the secret and hidden technique that Microsoft has provided via command prompt to the windows. Although, these actions can also be done the use of a better Anti-virus program. However, sometimes, Anti-virus cannot catch the worms and  Trojans; the ones aren’t harming your computer. However, they’re secretly sharing your knowledge with a network server like your browser shares public data, cookies, cache, and so forth.

Steps To Find and Kill Remote Connection Malware

1. Open CMD as Administrator. For this step, just Press windows key then type CMD. And then right click on the Result found and choose open as administrator. A black window will be pop-up on your desktop/Laptop screen.

2. Now, Just Type ‘Netstat -b -o 3‘ in CMD window &press Enter key from the keyboard. You’ll see that it starts the printing multiple lines at the console window. The command keeps on printing list of all applications which are the use of a faraway connection. (including your browser).

3. While you see a suspicious program, with an ESTABLISHED connection state. The n Press ‘CTRL+C‘ from the keyboard to stop this command’s execution.

4. Now, Think we have detected unwanted program is ‘uTorrent‘, which I’ve closed. However, it’s still connected via far away connection and secretly seeding earlier files. Word the PID of the relative process (number enclosed in BOX in the image).

5. Now Type ‘Taskkill /PID 4660 ” and Press ENTER to kill this process. Here, instead of 4660, you want to write the PID selection of the method that you need to close.

6. To make sure, that it is going to now not start once more in the close to future, and also you don’t want to do those steps over and over. Simply Press ‘Home windows key + R‘. And Type in ‘MSConfig‘ then presses the ENTER.

7. Every other window will pop-up, Now click on ‘startup‘ Tab, and delete the access of the Suspicious Program. In Home windows 10, it redirects you to the TASK MANAGER, so disable the article from there from being starting at the windows startup.

8. Now, you’ll shut all the windows and restart your PC, for making it better efficient at the machine. In the event you nonetheless have doubt that the method is running in the background, Check out as soon as more executing the NetStat command on your confirmation.


The human mind is far more complex and better than non-intelligent Anti-virus techniques. Check out the use of it for your personal safety. And whilst making use of this method, you’ll learn more deep issues to control a laptop and using it for fulfilling your duties simply. Instead of simply relying on a silly anti-virus program, which may be accountable for a data leakage from your personal Computer/Laptop/PC for someone else’s benefit.

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