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How To Increase iPhone Battery Life

iPhone is widely used the mobile phone and The Best product ever by Apple. iPhone is famous because of their quality and features which are not available on other devices. iPhone has their operating system known as IOS. iPhone has many features including the light sensor, motion sensor, Accelerator sensor, Attractive animation, background program processing, video calling, high-quality camera, multitasking, etc.

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iPhone is competing with Android devices in each subject including, software, however, expect battery. iPhone is available with small size batteries typically from 1500 to 1800 mAh. iPhone six comes with 3000 mAh battery. However, due to its features like background processing and motion or many programs or Apps we run on our device. Battery backup has also become a problem with the multitasking. The re are several reasons for discharging our battery quickly including sensors, overcharging, background running Apps, etc.

Step to Increase iPhone Battery Life

Step 1. First of all,  Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

Step 2. Now, open the settings and click on iTunes and App Store, then look for automatic downloads turn it off.


Step 3. After that, go to the settings click on Display and Brightness and now Move the slider to turn ON this feature.


Step 4.  IOS also provide motion sensor to supply background motion. Background motion makes your phone display more enticing. Should you improve your iPhone battery life, you have to disable this feature. To disable it follow these step.

Go to the settings< general< accessblity< reduce motion.


Step 5.  Reduce Multitasking, In our iPhone we run multiple Apps at the same time. So close the Apps which aren’t used by you currently. It should increase iPhone battery life performance.

Step 6. IOS system Provide feature referred to as battery usage to take care off which Apps consume what amount of power. This characteristic collects information about Apps which App is sucking the power in previous 24 hours and between last week. So we can remove that App or use it less. We can Access this operate by taking following steps.

  •  Open the setting.
  • Click on general.
  •  Click on usage.
  • Click on Battery usage.


Step 7.  We have now to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi after usage, this will increase iPhone battery life.


Step 8. Avoid Overcharging Of Battery. After the full charging, we have to remove our charger because overcharging will harm our battery and also heat our phone parts. So we have to maintain battery charging time.

Step 9. Turn off Hotspot after usage. Hotspot feature also discharge our battery quickly, so we have to shut down this feature after it should increase iPhone battery life.

Step 10. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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