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How to install oxygen OS on OnePlus 2

The international version of OnePlus 2 hasn’t launched but Oxygen OS is available and if you have a Chinese OnePlus 2 you can install it very simple to get all the benefit of the international ROM. Hydrogen OS is the OnePlus 2’s Chinese ROM, which does have a english menu option, but it doesn’t include Google services, its UI is somewhat laggy, and some features, such as file manager, are missing.

Luckily, Oxygen OS is available online, and installing it on a Chinese OnePlus 2 is very easy. So today we’ll tell you a method How to install oxygen OS on OnePlus 2.

Yes, this is possible with a simple way that I’ve discussed in this article How to install oxygen OS on OnePlus 2 by just following the below steps.

Warning: First you all take backup all the data present in your device. If any problem arisses during the oxygen OS installation process we won’t be responsible for any damages to your device.

Steps to install oxygen OS on OnePlus 2

Step 1. First of all download the Oxygen OS .zip packet to your PC.

Step 2. Now connect your One plus 2 to your PC via USB cable and copy the .zip to the ROOT of your file archive.

Step 3. Once the file transferring has finished, disconnect your phone and switched off.

Step 4. Now press the power button and down volume button together.

Step 5. Now you’ll be entered in recovery mode.

Step 6. Now go to Select language > Install from SD > Select Oxygen OS .zip > Installing package Yes > Wait for update to complete > Reboot yes

Step 7. That’s it! Now after a minute follow some Oxygen OS instruction and enjoy it.

So above is all about How to install oxygen OS on OnePlus 2. I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.

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