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How to Share iCloud Photo and Videos Expire Links on iPhone and iPad with iOS 12

Apple iPhone iOS 12 offers the ability to share photos & # 39; s and videos temporarily with an iCloud link. Follow how you use this new handy feature. How to share photo & # 39; s or video & # 39; s with iCloud Temporary iPhone Link with iOS 12. Especially when you want to share more than just a few photos or videos, the use of e-mail or iMessage is not the most practical choice. iOS 12 offers the quick and easy option to select content and share it via an iCloud link for a month.

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Conveniently, those you share do not even need an Apple device, an iCloud account, or a password to view shared content.

How do I share iCloud expired Links on iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 has the convenience to send specific images. It is simpler and faster than the traditional method. More importantly, you can share photos with people who do not use Apple devices.

The link is valid for 30 days after it has expired automatically. But you can end your life before the deadline.

To get started, make sure that you've enabled iCloud photos on your iOS device. Just go to Settings → Apple ID Banner → iCloud → photo & # 39; s → and then turn on the switch next to Photo & # 39; s iCloud.

  1. Launch Photo & # 39; s application on your iOS device.
  2. Now, choose the photos you want to send and then press the button Parts .
  3. The n select Copy the link to the stock page.
  4. Now wait for the link to make. The time required depends on the size of the file.
  5. Once the link is successfully copied to the clipboard, you can share it with your favorite support like any other link. For example, you can open it Messaging application and paste the link in the text field. The n send it as usual.

Receive shared photo & # 39; s

  • On an Android device or iOS devices that do not have iOS 12 and a computer running
  • By tapping / clicking on the link, your friends will be redirected to where all your uploaded images will appear. The re will also be an option to download the images.
  • In addition, they can choose to select or deselect images before they press the download button.

On iOS devices with iOS 12 devices

When your friend tapes the link, does he / she get a pop-up window with the message "Open"? "Your Name" shared this. You become a member as the name of your friend. He must press Open. Now the images are opened in the "For you" section of the Photos & # 39; s application. The re is an option called "Add All" to add the images to the library.

To add a single photo to the library, tap the desired photo and then the "Add to library" button.

How to copy the link to the shared photo & # 39; s

Later, if you want to share the same photos with other friends, you no longer need to go through the whole process for up to 30 days after creating the link.

  1. Just open the Photo & # 39; s app on your iOS device → For you → Recently shared section.
  2. Tap a group of photos in the iOS app 12 Photos & # 39; s
  3. The n press menu button in the upper-right corner and select Copy Link.

Now you can share the link via your favorite medium.

With iOS 12, you can stop sharing photos before the link expires.

How you can prevent your friend from seeing shared photos

  1. Open the Photo & # 39; s applicationFor your tab → recently shared section → select the group photo & # 39; s.
    Go to the Recently shared section in the iOS 12 Photos app
  2. press the menu button on the top right and select Stop sharing.

Stop showing shared photos in the iOS Photos app 12

That's done!

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