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How To Update macOS Mojave Beta To Official Version

After considering a great time with the beta, consider upgrading from MacOS Mojave Beta to the official version for a hassle-free browsing experience. Knowing that future beta's might not bring too many astonishing traits, it is possible to install with a more stable operating system, right?

Deleting the beta and installing the public version on Mac is as easy as the iPhone and Apple Watch. As a user, this is exactly what you would like to have, so you can seamlessly switch between the draft version and the official version.

How to unsubscribe from the MacOS MoOS beta program and install the official version

How to unregister your Mac to stop receiving macOS

Step 1. launch System preferences on your Mac.

2nd step. Now click on Software update.

Step 3 The n click Details it is just below the icon of the software update.

Click Details in the software update on Mac

Step 4 The n you see a message with the message: "This Mac is registered in the Apple Developer startup program Do you want to restore the default update settings?

One thing to note is that there are no previous updates. However, your Mac is no longer receiving beta updates.

Click Restore defaults to participate in the Apple Developer Starter program

click on Reset.

Step # 5. The n you must confirm with you Tap ID or password that you want to log out your Mac so that it no longer receives beta updates.

Use Touch ID or password to confirm on Mac

Once you have chosen not to participate in the beta program, the way is free for the stable version. Note that the process for updating the software in MacOS Mojave is different.

For a change you have to do it from the System Preferences (not from the Mac App Store like in macOS High Sierra or earlier).

Perform system updates in MacOS Mojave on Mac

Step 1. Open System preferences on your Mac.

2nd step. Now click on Software update.

Step 3 The n click Update now. And then let the software update expire at rest.

Take a cup of coffee so that your waiting time for the installation becomes annoying!

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