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Recover deleted files windows 10 for free

How can you recover deleted files totally free: discover lost images, documents, folders and more – recover the lost data: where are my lost files?

We make it easier to find lost photographs, recover lost paperwork, unlock lost folders and more. The whole guide to recovering lost data at no cost. 

Deleting files accidentally are a very simple task to do. It has an offensive reaction if you realize what you’ve done. Luckily, you may be able to get them back without spending any money using the free Stellar Phoenix¬†utility¬†or by Ease us utility. In case, you cannot locate a file on your computer. Otherwise, you accidentally modified or deleted a file; you possibly can restore it from these utility tools. Here’s how to recover deleted files on Windows 10. Discover lost photos and documents, and at no cost.¬†Where are your lost files? Read on to find out.

Recover deleted files windows 10


Step 1: To start with download this software program named as “Stellar Phoenix” which can make it easier to recover deleted files on the computer and install it ( that is a free data recovery tool ).
Step 2:¬†Now select “drive recovery” option.

Step 3: Now choose the drive from a list of your all drives.

Step 4:¬†Now select “delete recovery
(Select advanced option if you wish to recover formatted drive).
Step 5:¬†Select a drive and click on “scan”.

Method 2:

Step 1:¬†Download “Ease-US” software.
Step 2: Now set up and open software.
Step 3:¬†Now simply choose the type of files which you wanna recover in next window and tap on “next”.
Step 4: Now choose the drive which you want to recover and press scan button ( in case your drive has been lost then select Lost disk drive and scan ).
Step 5: Now when the scanning process is completed you will notice a list of all deleted files, simply select the files which you want to get well.
Step 6:¬†Finally just click on “Recover”.
That is all.
Now you’ve successfully discovered easy methods to recover deleted files on¬†Windows 10.
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