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ABC Magnetic Alphabet 4 iPhone: Review And Features

Description of ABC Magnetic Alphabet 4 iPhone Review

Classic magnetic alphabet with capital letters Latin letters (sound English, Spanish, French, Italian and others) in 5 bright colors: teach your child letters, compose words.

IN-APP PURCHASE: additional sets of numbers, geometric shapes and cute toys to purchase independently or all-in-one set;
– More backgrounds.

More sentences:
– Numbers;
– Geometric shapes;
– symbols;
– Toys: Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn, Night, Party, Garden, Christmas, Halloween – and more sets are coming in the future.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy all other sets in ONE PACK:
– big discount;
– all future updates (new sets) for free!

This is a little sister of our ABC Magnetic Board with alphabet, numbers, shapes, toys and animated fun for iPad.

Download from Itunes

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