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Anaganagaa – Telugu bedtime stories for iPhone: Review And Features

Anaganagaa – Telugu bedtime stories for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Anaganagaa – Telugu bedtime stories for iPhone Review

Anaganagaa …!

144 handpicked bed-time stories in Telugu in audio form. (to add more …)

• It is the only application supported by prominent Telugu authors and actors such as Shri Tanikella Bharani.

Note: A good Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G / LTE network connection must be required as this app contains much of the quality audio and text. We strongly recommend a stable Wi-Fi connection to save your data costs. After downloading the Stories app does not need a data connection, it works offline.

Key Features:-

Each story is carefully selected from these millions of folklores.

1. No religious propaganda

2. Myths and superstition in some form were condemned

3. Unlike other children's literature, the priority of moral teaching is replaced by the highest

4. Expert readers and storytellers were engaged on Theme of each story.

5. Supported by text and images for better understanding.

6. Convenient length to hold the listeners

7. Covered almost all categories of Telugu children's literature

8. Includes interesting anecdotes from the lives of celebrities from India and Telugu.

9. Frequent Value Add-Ons.

Why Anaganagaa …!?

Childhood is a beautiful painting from the hands of parents. Parents are the ones who give the necessary colors and thoughts to this great work of art. Anaganagaa … !, In a way, is a workshop for parents, especially those busy and hard-working fathers, to help them master their parenting skills to make their boys' lives vivid portraits.

• It serves as a primary helper for those parents who want to spend meaningful time with their children every day.

• It guides and refines parents' narrative skills and makes them a great success every night with their children.

• It is the only application in Telugu that offers the largest number of short stories in audio form.

• Provides TEXT for reading training.

• Each adult can empathize with every story and interpret stories by adding personal experiences.

• Safest avenue for young people in the internet world to cross.

• Matchless in launching the most authentic Telugu culture for Nextgen children.

• Most selective re-recording and background values ​​to enhance Theme and feel.

• I have to make sure that every adult remembers and relives his childhood.

• The healthiest and most meaningful way to get peace and quiet, to live a happy and healthy life.

• Bliss for singles in their loneliness.

• A must for schools and kindergartens.

• Inevitable entertainment in kitten parties and birthday parties.

• A "safe ownership" in the libraries of Telugu associations around the world.

• Enjoyment of imagination and creativity.

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