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Angry Birds 2 Review: Features

Angry Birds 2 Review: Features

In this article, we give a review of the Angry Birds 2 features. Also, You can check below where to download this Angry Birds 2. Read out the feature which helps you whether you have to download this or not.

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Angry Birds 2 Detailed Features

Play the world’s best bird throwing pig doll game!

Use the slingshot to throw birds at the piggies’ towers and drop them down – all to save the precious eggs.

New to the world of Angry Birds? Angry Birds 2 is the best way to get to know all the iconic characters and experience the fun gameplay that has captured the hearts (and free time) of millions of players.

Decorated Angry Birds veteran? Everything you love about classic Angry Birds games is here with some great new additions. Choose which bird to throw, play with friends, take it on multiple levels, and compete and team up with players around the world.

โ— CHOOSE YOUR BIRD. Choose which bird you want to put in the slingshot and defeat the pigs with strategy!
โ— MULTIPLE LEVELS. Play fun, challenging multi-level levels – watch out for those Boss Pigs!
โ€ข DAILY CHALLENGES. Do you have a minute? Complete a daily challenge and earn some quick rewards.
โ— RAISE your birds with feathers and increase their score. Build the ultimate herd!
โ— JOIN A CLAN to take down the pigs with friends and players around the world.
โ— IMPRESS THE MIGHTY EAGLE in Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp and earn coins to use in its exclusive store.
โ— COMPETE in the ARENA. Compete with other players for some friendly birdwatching and prove who is the best.
โ— COLLECT SILLY HATS. Collect hats with different fun themes and increase your birds fashion game. โ€ข BAD PIGGIES. The green bad guys are back, stronger, worse and even greener.
โ— MANY LEVELS. Play hundreds of levels with more added in regular updates and temporary events.
โ— LEADERBOARDS. Prove who is the best in the world on the global leaderboards.
โ— FREE to download! — Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play. While Angry Birds 2 can be downloaded for free, optional in-app purchases are available.

This game may contain:
– Direct links to social networking websites intended for an audience over 13 years old.
– Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the ability to browse any web page
– Advertising of Rovio products as well as third party products

Internet connection may be required for this game and data transfer fees may apply. When the game is first played, additional content is downloaded once.

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Angry Birds 2 Final words

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