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Aruba To Go for iPhone: Review And Features

Aruba To Go for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Aruba To Go for iPhone Review

Aruba To Go is the most complete digital travel guide for your stay on the beautiful and interesting Aruba Island.
Most of the more than 800 listings include location, contact information, and review options. The calendar of events, the party calendar, the FEEDS news and the Happy Hours list keep you up to date.
Rather than waiting for the company to send us their data, we've gone to great lengths to add all of these companies and places of interest in the app for free, to provide users with a complete database and not some selection of what's in the brochures was included we went inside. This is real-time data! The positions were included manually!
We're working hard to keep doing it as well as possible, so be careful with us if you download right after launch.

Aruba is a diverse island with lots to see and do. Although it is not a very large island, you can miss out on The Best if you do not have the right information.
With its easy navigation, the application helps you quickly find all the things that can be found on the island, and you can rate them, add them to your tasks and view pictures and special offers.
Most information is available offline and can be used at any time. Listing information includes most of the time the actual location of the place!
Some of the information, such as user reviews and positions, is only available through an internet connection.

The agenda for events, happy hours and parties will keep you up to date on where you need to be to experience the Caribbean Fiesta!
The categories ATM and gas station ensure that you never run out of money or gasoline.
The "Feeds" section keeps you up to date with the latest specials, events or interesting news.

Use the application before you arrive and put together your own things to perform all the restaurants, events and activities you do not want to miss. Add items and delete them as you like and travel prepared.

Tell us your opinion about the island after your stay in Aruba. The information goes directly to the tourist office and is taken very seriously.

The app offers the following categories:
– Emergency
– Eat
– Activities
– Shop
– Sightseeing
– Diving
– Where to stay
– Beverages
– Car rental
– Beaches
– Weather
– Supermarket
– party leader
– Curacao map
– petrol stations
– ATMs
– Real estate
– Wellness
– Calendar of events
– Important contacts

When you open the application for the first time after downloading, the application connects to the Internet to download the data. To make sure you have an internet connection, please connect to a Wi-Fi network.
Interrupting the download process may result in a bad user experience until the next download attempt.
The application checks every 24 hours to see if the updated date is available and asks if you want to download updated information. When downloading the updated information, it is recommended that you also connect to WIFI.

We hope you find this guide very useful and wish you a pleasant stay in Aruba.

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