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Audiko Ringtones for iPhone PRO: Review And Features

Description of Audiko Ringtones for iPhone PRO Review

Audiko is the most popular wallpapers & ringtones application worldwide!
Audiko is the easiest way to set ringtone or wallpaper on your iPhone. You can create and share millions of ringtones.
Our really lightweight and easy-to-use application allows you to:
– Create custom ringtones from the music stored on your iPhone.
– Cut the exact section of the track you want to set as the ringtone.
– Share ringtones with your friends so they can set them when phoning.
– Put free wallpapers from our gallery.
Please note that Audiko allows you to create custom ringtones from your library. You need to sync with iTunes to transfer to iPhones. It's quick and easy.
Audiko is a well-known community that allows users to create their own ringtones based on music tracks and other sounds. The creation of ringtones takes only a few seconds. You do not need special knowledge or special tools.

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