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Bank of the West Mobile App: Review And Features

Bank of the West Mobile App: Review And Features

Description of Bank of the West Mobile App Review

The Bank of the West app provides secure access to your accounts, so you can manage your finances from virtually anywhere.

App Features:

• Touch ID: Sign in to Mobile Banking even faster with the Touch ID. The Touch ID is now available for customers with iOS8 or higher on an iPhone 5s or later.
• Manage credit and debit cards: set travel alerts, activate new cards, change your PIN, or order a new card.
Quick Balance: View account balances and recent transactions without logging in. You must enable this feature after logging in, and you can always disable it from the More menu.
• Send money to everyone in the US. All you need is your mobile number or email
• View instructions and manage paperless settings
• Mobile phone deposit: The deposit is made through the app and avoids trips to the store or the ATM. You can also e-mail a receipt of the deposit, including a picture of the check.
• Billing: Manage your billing payments completely through the app. Simply scan your billing section or search for a payee by typing the first few letters of the company name. As always, you can view or change previously scheduled payments.
• Bank transfers: Quickly move money between your Bank of the West accounts.
• Show Check Image: Display Images of Deleted Checks.
• Transaction Search: Use our new search bar to quickly and easily find a transaction without endless scrolling.
• ATMs and Branch Finder: Search for Bank of the West locations near you.
• Mobile PIN: Reduce typing errors and log in faster by entering a unique numeric PIN instead of your password.

Mobile banking security:

• Your mobile device never stores confidential information or account numbers.
• Industry-standard encryption to protect your banking business.
• After five minutes of inactivity, verification of credentials is required.
• In the event of loss or theft of the device, access to Mobile Banking may be blocked.


The Bank of the West App is available for free download. Your mobile service provider may charge data charges based on your individual tariff. Check with your carrier for specific fees and charges.

Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lenders

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