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Beauty Salon Nail Art of The Review And Features

Description of Beauty Salon Nail Art of 2020 Review

* Would you like to create your own nail art designs? This new app will make it possible! *

* To start with, choose the background you like the most, the skin tone and the ring that suits you best. What follows next is to enjoy decorating your nails and creating your own unique designs!

* Choose the top layer you like and let your imagination run wild! Decorate your nails with cute dots, stars, hearts, flowers and many other beautiful nail patterns. Accessorize it even more with various adorable stickers and rhinestones!

* For more nail art ideas you can unlock more patterns, stickers, rings, rhinestones and nail polish colors! You should explore them all!

Once you've made the most, use it as a model for your nails!
โ’ทโ“”โ“โ“คโ“ฃโ“จ โ“ขโ“โ“›โ“žโ“-โ“ƒโ“โ“˜โ“› โ’ถโ“กโ“ฃ


* Four skin tones
* Many different nail shapes
* 10+ beautiful backgrounds to choose from
* 40+ beautiful rings
* 80+ amazing stickers
* 80+ beautiful rhinestones
* Various topcoats available
* 140 + nail polish colors
* 900+ gorgeous nail patterns: stripes, hearts, dots, flowers, butterflies and more !!!
* Unlock more patterns, stickers, rings, rhinestones and nail polish colors!
* Create different designs for each nail or apply the same design to all.
* Save your designs and share on Facebook and Twitter!

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