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CamControl for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of CamControl for iPhone Review

CamControl iPhone is an operating and alarm verification software for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app enables live video transmission from HeiTel VideoGateways and ADPRO FastTrace systems as well as remote analysis of HeiTel VideoGateways local video archives. The app provides remote control of PTZ and dome cameras and relays. HeiTel's own effective image compression (HTcompress) offers high frame rates, even with low bandwidths.

– Live video transmission, camera change and 3-level image quality adjustment for higher frame rate
– Support of IP cameras with up to 5 megapixels
– Video archive evaluation with search criteria (date, time or event)
– station selection by adding locations (Group channels by location)
– Transmission of up to 25 fps
– Multisplit (Multiview) allows parallel display of up to 6 (iPod touch, iPhone 3Gs / 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s / 6) or 9 (iPhone 6+ and iPad) cameras.
– remote control of PTZ systems (Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Presets)
– Remote control of relays (eg lights, barriers, doors)
– Audio support (listen) in live image mode
– Arming / disarming of HeiTel VideoGateways
– Display of status arm / disarm
– Optional inverted PTZ control possible
– Custom restriction of access rights (presets, PTZ, cameras)
– Add, edit and delete station list entries
– Easy installation and intuitive operation
– Camera change with finger gestures
– portrait and landscape
– Start the app in landscape mode (available with iPhone 6+ and iPad)
– User interface in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
– Help option with online manual
– Communication: LTE / 4G, UMTS / 3G and WiFi
– Compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 6.0 or higher
– Free updates
– Automatic transmission of station list from previous CamControl iPhone versions

Note: For audio transmission, the Speex library is used:
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