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Cell60 – Sell My iPhone: Review And Features

Cell60 – Sell My iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Cell60 – Sell My iPhone Review

Sell ​​your iPhone or iPad in 60 seconds or less for free.

The Cell60 app instantly shows you what your device is worth, and then lets you instantly sell your device by accepting the offer.

Shipping and packaging will be paid by Cell60 and sent directly to your door. Payment is by PayPal, check or bank card. You can receive money in just 3 days.

Use this app to update to a new device faster and, in some cases, for free. Or put some extra money in your pocket.

Key Features:
– Best prices for used equipment
– Super easy solution and fast
– Immediate pricing
– Instant quote for your phone or tablet
– Pre-paid label & packaging sent to your door
– Cash payments. No shop loans.
– Payment by check, PayPal or bank card
– Advertising and recommendation codes
– Free items on sale
– Recycle your used equipment

– Status emails
– Price update notifications
– Track your order
– Buy a new device with the knowledge that your old device is being sold

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