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Dinosaurs for iPhone -by Rye Studio™: Review And Features

Dinosaurs for iPhone -by Rye Studio™: Review And Features

Description of Dinosaurs for iPhone -by Rye Studio™ Review

Man has been living on this planet for about 2 million years. But the dinosaurs ruled the world for 165 million years, more than 40 times that long.

What we know about dinosaurs comes from the fossils left by these magical creatures. Even with these fossils, scientists can not say with certainty which color the dinosaurs had or how they sounded. Perhaps it is this insecurity that has made us so fascinated by the dinosaurs and their ancient lives.

Today we live in a scientific age. We can use computers to redesign the dinosaurs and what they look like. We hope that people who love dinosaurs will love the latest scientific encyclopedia of Rye Studios – Dinosaurs.

1. Uses 3D effects and 360 degree angles. Touch to control the display. Children can easily control it themselves.
2. Introduce children to 30 different dinosaurs and all kinds of dinosaur knowledge.
3. Full text and narrative available in English and Chinese.
4. Professional sound effects, music and dinosaur sounds created by the Rye Music team.
5. A dinosaur game is currently under development and will be available in a later update.

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