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Description of for iPhone Review implements the method Getting Things Done (GTD). It's the smartest way to manage your schedule and task lists. And it helps you get the job done efficiently, whether you're busy or smart.

We redesigned the entire iOS 7 user interface to make it easier and more convenient. The brand new Task View of Today and Next Actions makes our tasks more focused and organized.


1. Sync your tasks to the cloud so you can track your tasks
2. Fully implement the GTD theory
3. Support multilevel views: goals, projects, tasks, subtasks
4. Manually sort your goals, projects, tasks, and subtasks to better understand your tasks
5. Edit tasks only on the view page.
6. Forward tasks to your partners and track the status of the tasks.
7. Can customize your avatar

* Still to do list? It's time to try GTD and enjoy the completely different upgrade!

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