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Drippler: Discover Apps & Tips: Review And Features

Description of Drippler: Discover Apps & Tips Review

Discover something new every day for your iPhone or iPad!
Get personalized tips on the latest iOS updates, apps, cool new tricks and features.

* Must have apps *
Join millions of people who get The Best apps for their iPhone – from productivity and travel apps to the latest games and utilities.

* iOS updates, tricks and tips *
Discover cool tricks, tips and useful information for your iPhone or iPad. Get the latest technical news and stay up-to-date on the latest iOS updates.

* In the news *
"Turn your phone into The Best phone it can be" – Gizmodo
"IOS users, meet Drippler, a personalized how-to manual for your iPhone" – Gigaom
"A useful way to stay current in the rapidly changing mobile landscape" – TechCrunch

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