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HP Envy x360 Review

HP Envy x360 Convertible 2-in-1 Full HD IPS 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i7-7500U, 2.7GHz, 12GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Backlit Keyboard, HDMI, Bluetooth,802.11ac, Windows 10)


Among 2-in-1 changeable laptops, the HP Envy x360 is one of the greatest implemented. It features a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS touch-screen on fully rotatable hinges, large system memory, a fast Intel Core i7 processor and hard drive capabilities of 16GB and 1-Terabyte, respectively, and a backlit keyboard. The HP Envy x360 series is also identified by the smooth and classy look.


Display Size15.6-Inch
ProcessorIntel Core i7-7500U 7th Gen
GraphicsIntel HD 620 Integrated Graphics
Windows VersionWindows 10 Home
Storage1TB HDD
USBUSB 3 x 2, USB-C x 1


Last updated on October 27, 2020 10:37 am

The HP Envy x360 features like said about a convertible design, which means that the display 360 could be folded. This way you can use the device like a laptop and a tablet. The screen is not be detached from the keyboard. The convertible has a weight of 2,400 grams and a dimension of 384 x 259 x 23.6 millimeters.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The HP Envy laptop features full keyboard with full number pad and backlight. The keyboard is excellent, and I enjoyed my pace whereas typing quickly on the keyboard. Its keys are good and white backlights looks nice. The HP Envy 360 also has a huge trackpad. HP has a factor for actually extensive pads. A bit of an unusual kink, maybe, but it does provide your fingers loads of room to play with. Its button position is much more intuitive than your common large laptop, keeping the right button to only the bottom-right corner, so you don’t end up accidentally clicking it all the time.


It’s 15.6 inches screen has 1920 x 1080 resolution that gives ten finger contact tracking. Even the colors had been dull, and there is the visible grid of lines on display from the touch sensor. The quality of the display is exceeded by sound from Beats Audio speakers that give the great volume. As for the color reproduction test, the laptop hit 82.9 % sRGB color spectrum, and that is more than 76.5 %. The display also has slim view angles, only 20 degrees down or up and can wash out the pictures. This appears to be a big misstep for any convertible.

Audio and Graphics

Its Beats Audio software permits the users to customize their EQ and gives the Beats company headphones. You will want to create your settings for the games as just the presets are voice, 3D movie and music. Usually, this kind of laptop isn’t aimed at gaming. But still, you’ll be able to play some traditional non-demanding game. Thankfulness to the Intel HD 620 integrated graphics.

Hardware and Performance

This HP notebook has 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 4210U CPU, 8GB RAM as well as 5400 rpm of the hard drive. That merely implies that the laptop has very lighter difficulty as far as multitasking is also involved when that includes having 12-14 tabs opened up in Chrome, and you can also downloading the game and watching a video, all at the same time.

The Envy x360 is either silicon from Intel or AMD. The convertible could be configured with both an Intel Skylake Core i processor, up to a Core i7 including Iris integrated graphics, or a 7th generation AMD FX9800P quad-core processor with Radeon R7 graphics. The Envy x360 can be configured with both single or dual storage drives. Users can choose up to a 2TB hard disk and up to a 256GB solid state drive. The HP Envy x360 comes with Windows 8.1, the version with 64-bit help. This release gives access to both the touch interface as the desktop environment.

Battery Life

I would say that the biggest shortcoming of the HP Envy x360 15t Touch is its battery or short endurance. On battery test, the notebook was only capable of performing for 4 hours 14 minutes which is in truth a very miserable time.

Configuration Option

The $680 beginning price for the HP Envy x360 15t Contact will get you an Intel Core-i5 4210U CPU; a 500 GB hard drive; and a 15.6-inch, 1366 x 768 display. Our $770 overview unit features a $40 improve to 8GB of RAM and a $50 improve a display. Moreover, you possibly can add a wide range of accessories and additional software. However, for the Best worth, the only upgrades price considering are the extra RAM and higher-res display, though the picture still received wow.


Envy x360 is an iterative design improvement. HP improved the Envy x360 that it debuted last year, making it lighter, thinner and more highly efficient with the addition of Intel’s or AMD’s latest processors. The addition of USB-C, option for a 4K panel and long battery life help make the Envy x360 future-proof for the foreseeable future. We’re glad HP is doing this sort of laptop, even though it received suit all. What the Envy x360 excels at is something quite simple: being a home-based laptop that looks nice and isn’t super-heavy.

HP Envy x360 Convertible 2-in-1 Full HD IPS 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i7-7500U, 2.7GHz, 12GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Backlit Keyboard, HDMI, Bluetooth,802.11ac, Windows 10)

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