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Fake GPS Location – for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Fake GPS Location – for iPhone Review

Fake your location: Be where you want to go, not where you are! "

With this mobile app you can fake your GPS location so that you can present yourself to your friends everywhere, be it London or Paris, Mumbai or Toronto – you can play piles of forgeries and pranks with your friends.

When you sign in to the app, you can use your GPS location and present yourself in the wrong place around the world in one easy step: Find the place you want to be and just tap Share / Save "done!

Fake your actual location.
Add a personal photo
Share / Save this place and photo
See History
You can share this GPS map on any other social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.).

Feature 2: Update or edit the EXIF ​​GPS location metadata (GeoTagging) on ​​your actual photos.

Apps like Facebook and Instagram automatically detect the (GPS) location information using metadata (known as EXIF) stored directly on the photo. With this mobile application, you can change the location settings on the photo in one simple step by refilling GPS EXIF ​​in the field.

Is the Eiffel Tower actually in Toronto, Canada? You can play pranks on your friends, and if they do not believe you, just follow these steps: Open your photo in this app, choose any location in the world and present it as the new location of the photo. The n open the edited photo on Instagram or Facebook and share it where everyone can see the location of your choice.

Feature 3: Get Official GPS Coordinates – Address, Latitude, Longitude and even Altitude.

Share your "new" coordinates via SMS (SMS) or e-mail

The re may even be times when you want to know your particular GPS information location at any given time.

You can now get various information about your specific location. With this mobile app, you can even get access to the specific Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) at the selected location, including: altitude, heading, latitude and longitude coordinates and specific address.

Do you have a telescope that needs the current time along with the specific coordinates of your location? Or go on a hike that would benefit from knowing your latitude and longitude? Want to just scroll around the world and discover your favorite sights in real time? The n the GPS location in this app is what you need.

Choose between different display options: Map, Satellite and Hybrid views.

With easy-to-use tools, you can now copy your length, latitude or address information to a clipboard – paste it anywhere and then "stake for counterfeiting"

Subscription options include:

– Standard subscription (paid monthly) for 3 days free trial then $ 4.99 / month

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless it has been canceled at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription. You can cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscription at any time by viewing your account in iTunes on your Mac or PC or in the account settings on your device after purchase.

Privacy Policy is available at
and Terms of Use:

Download from Itunes

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