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Family Locator and GPS Tracker: Review And Features

Description of Family Locator and GPS Tracker Review

Keep your children safe and keep your whole family in touch. Family Locator is the Family Tracker, Child Safety and Emergency Warning app that has been approved by the largest parent testing community that has been tested by parents.

Try the Family Locator:
– See where family members are
– Share free cross-platform family news
– You know, when kids leave school, grandmothers …
– Get a warning if they go where it is not safe
– The need to send / receive SOS with the exact location
– Find her in the park with Augmented Reality
– Geofence a place to know when they arrive the re
– Notify me when you leave the chosen place
– Check in to tell others where you are
– Navigate there (works best with Sygic GPS Navigation)
– View the location only to people you trust

Family Locator was created by parents like you:
– Designed as a simple tool for you and your kids
– Even when you are busy, keep in touch
– The privacy of your family is important to us
– High quality positioning is guaranteed
– Battery consumption optimized for everyday use
– Invisble mode for parents – administrators
– One parent only – Administrator can manage family members and secure / insecure zones

In premium flight mode, you can search during your flight and your family members can see the location of your aircraft on the map.

Your family members will also be notified when your plane leaves, lands, is late, or is canceled. You do not need a GPS or data connection on board.

Just click on your flight in the app and you're ready. We receive all data from FlightAware, the most popular flight tracking system.

Family Locator needs to check your position regularly, but still does not need more than 4% of your battery life.

For Family Locator to work properly, site services must be enabled.

Give Family Locator a try and tell us what you think.

Sygic | Bringing life to cards.

Note on using GPS: This app can use GPS in the background mode. The continued use of GPS in the background can drastically reduce battery life.

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