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FIIO EM3 Review

FIIO EM3 Review

FiiO EM3 Open Earbud Earphones with In-Line Microphone (Black)

Once seen as low-cost throwaways, earbuds appear to have become the new phenomenon in the audio landscape. Since they don`t produce a sturdy seal and have a very loose match, they’re seen as having very restricted uses. However, these attributes can also allow a distinctive sound that`s not too dissimilar from the in-ear equivalent of open back headphones. As such, we’re seeing a fast improve in the variety of quality earbuds available on the market, largely from upcoming Asian manufacturers using revolutionary applied sciences such as hybrid driver setups used in a lot more unique and much, a lot more costly western flagships.

Fiio might be the perfect recognized Asian Hi-Fi company and consistently impress with affordable and revolutionary products. The Fiio EM3 is a high-efficiency budget earbud with an RRP of $10 USD which serves Fiio`s initial step into earphones utilizing their experience with sources and amps. The y use a customized Fiio designed driver and an extensive filter system to deliver a sound that is “warm and full-bodied”. Fiio has particularly aimed these earphones on the pop loving mass market with a built-in mic and multi-function button and sound signature centered on vocals.

Build and Comfort

FIIO’s latest packaging materials for the K1 DAC/AMP and A1 mini transportable amplifier was very primary, specifically a see via plastic “box”. The EM3 arrived in a small white invisible box and it makes looks extra qualitative. The FIIO EM3 is only going for $9.99 on Amazon for the moment, but the packaging in comparison with the $4.99 Monk is a lot fancier. Don’t anticipate a fancy box, however; you get what you pay for. And sure, that makes the FIIO EM3, three times as costly as the Monk. If I bear in mind well, the FIIO EM3 was imagined to sell for $8.99 however I can’t find it anywhere for that price at this moment.The VE Monk earbud is thicker, and it appears to be like to be more durable than slim but more elegant looking EM3. I would assume major relaxed submit the Monk in my purse, but the EM3 does have a strain reduction. Anyway, even when they’re each very low cost, it’s best to all the time make sure they’re nicely protected. The EM3 has a mesh grill which covering the dynamic driver, the place it is all plastic with the Monk.


The provider of the EM3 – it’s not made by FIIO itself after all – has worked for companies such as the Denon, LG, Samsung and … Skullcandy! FIIO says they went for a natural sound with a sensible sound stage, and I assume they realized that quite nicely.

Earlier of this week, the FIIO EM3 was traceless. Also, I kill my Sunday evening finding for it. After a couple of hours, it turned up in certainly one of my cat’s hiding locations and fortunately it was in excellent non-chewed on condition.

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  • Sensitivity: 109 dB
  • Weight: 13.6 g
  • Cable Length: 120 cm
  • Drivers: Dynamic, 14.8 mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 47 Ohms


This part of the review is obviously crucial. I’m as goal as I can, putting all different sections in this review to a side and comparing them with different headphones in similar price range (like those included with smartphones).I examine it with high-resolution audio. That’s, music encoded at (not less than) 96KHz/24 bit, which is successfully better quality than CD audio (and hence, better quality than MP3/AAC compressed lossy audio).

The files were in both Flac format or Apple Lossless format and have been played/decoded via a DAC able to reproducing them at 96KHz/24 bit resolution. I’m not particularly thrilled by their sound signature. Although mid tones and treble are nicely reproduced, bass response is nearly nonexistent. The only means of getting a suitable low-frequency response is by using an equalizer.The EM3’s provide a fairly open soundstage, I assume it has to do with the fact they don’t sit inside the ear canal ( low-frequency response is not superb).


  • 14.8mm Giant-Diameter Dynamic Drivers
  • In-Line Microphone and Remote
  • Small, Light-weight, and Comfortable Match
  • 1/8″ L-Formed Gold-Plated Mini Jack
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Last Thoughts

This review probably price more than the EM3 itself but it doesn’t matter whether it is $9.99 or $999 in case you discover one thing you want it’s worth writing about it and by no means let it’s mentioned audiophiles are all the time eager to jump into the pit of vanishing returns.Low-cost earbuds are undoubtedly getting better. The EM3 has an entirely different tuning from the popular Monk, but it holds its own. If it sounds good then why not, a Manhattan film house can wait another weekend. Finally, the EM3 is a no-risk investment for those who just like the more open and spacious sound an earbud can provide over an IEM and do not want to spend a whole lot of money in the method. It’s a heat full sounding earbud at dwelling with rock, pop, and different trendy genres also its setup especially easy for the ear listening sessions. It received isolate much but then tell us something new about a bud. My advice is to buy both and sit them side by side; the Monk for clarity and a warmer EM3 for crunching rock.

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