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Find Me! – share my GPS location to friends: Review And Features

Description of Find Me! – share my GPS location to friends Review

Find me easily! Find Me just a message and Email & Facebook & Twitter
Never as easy as that!

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You can send GPS to share your temporary location with your friend for a specific period of time, such as: It will only find your address where you send a message. If you move at any time or change location you need to send the new one. A message, a location. You can protect your privacy.

When you arrive at the airport, reach a new city, show up or need help, you can let your friends know about your current location by sending a massage or e-mail anytime. You do not have to write the address with your hands!

If you use the Autonavi card, you can provide an auto-sound navigation and line.

Find me easily!
Temporary release of my GPS
Simple privacy controls
Support Apple Card, Google Map, Autonavi Map, Baidu Map.

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