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Flame Painter for iPhone: Review And Features

Flame Painter for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Flame Painter for iPhone Review

We believe that everyone can be an artist, we just need an inspiration. That's why Flame Painter was born – a unique color application that lets you effortlessly create original artwork, lighting effects, offbeat design or gorgeous backgrounds with stunning particle brushes.
Download, be inspired and have fun!

• "I'm very impressed, how beautiful and brilliant." – S. C. Kavassalis, painter
• "It's a powerful and extremely fun creative tool." – Maura Ackley, artist
• "Flame Painter is truly a unique and remarkable instrument for creating the most beautiful impressionistic images." – Jean-Michel Paris, painter
• "The creative possibilities are endless." – Michael F., photographer
• "Uaaaaau !!!" – children when painting 🙂

It's a little brother of Flame Painter for Mac OS and Windows, which is used by thousands of professional CG artists, designers, enthusiasts or children in school, and we had only good feedback.

"Every kid is an artist, the problem is how to stay an artist once we're grown up." – Pablo Picasso

Not only does the iPhone and iPad Edition offer a new way of creative painting, but we've also developed a beautiful and intuitive user interface to enjoy and enjoy the flame brushes, colors and gradients. We believe that it encourages every adult and every child to more easily discover and inspire an artist.

Flame Painter for iPhone allows you to:

• Paint original artwork and flame effects
• Create your own brushes with dynamic sliders
• Mix beautiful colors and gradients
• enjoy a nice app design
• Paint over pictures from the iOS photo gallery
• Share your art by e-mail and in the main social networks
• Have fun unleashing your creativity

Tip: Try to paint with two fingers.

Download from Itunes

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