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Flashlight Ω: Review And Features

Flashlight Ω: Review And Features

Description of Flashlight Ω Review

Simple and free flashlight app!

Use your device L.E.D. for intense, bright light or use your screen for softer light.

Adjust the brightness of the light, perfect for low light conditions.

Adjust the light color or use the standard white.

Many additional features like:

SOS. (Morse Code) for emergencies, including audio tones.

Emergency mode, which displays a selectable combination of flashing colors. Siren included.

Strobe effect for fun in the dark. You can even set the flash rate.

Light the firing rod, tap to break it and shake to mix the light-generating chemicals.
And more!

Useful for many situations:
Power failure
Bed night night light
Find things in the dark
Hiking and camping
Astronomy / Starwatching
Book light
… and everywhere a normal flashlight is used.

As with any flashlight app, using the LED for a long time can quickly drain the battery. For longer light durations please use the screen light.

It is known that strobe effects cause seizures. Use with caution.

This app is provided for free by Javoid. Look at my other apps!

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