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Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch Best Price Review

Garmin approach s6 review
8.5 Total Score

The Approach S6 is a slim, lightweight, feature-packed hi-resolution color touchscreen GPS golf watch with first-of-its-kind swing metrics.

Garmin was one of many pioneers or GPS technology and within the sixth generation of their GPS watch, the Approach S6 delivers all of the performance of the Approach S5, however with a couple of additional options that can assist you find your way and improve your swing. ? Well, consider this confirmed Luddite a recent and enthusiastic convert, thanks to the Garmin Approach S6 GPS watch. Whereas $399 isn’t cheap, amortized over a couple of seasons’ action, it’s a real funding indeed. In fact, as soon as you use it, you will likely be hard-pressed to play without it ever again. Facility to view bunkers and the course, with a pre-programmed driver distance is extraordinarily helpful.

Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch
The Approach S6 is a feature-packed hi-res color touchscreen GPS golf watch with built in swing metrics
$290.00 $349.99


The Garmin Approach S6 doesn’t simply offer you little maps and yardage data; it additionally means that you can log your rating and attendant statistics, like some fairways hit, total putts and your score about par. And if you hold a handicap, the S6 will make adjustments to your rating primarily based on your index and the related issue of the course (as indicated by the grade rating). After the round, sync the watch to your laptop and use the Garmin Express software program to research your efficiency further. (You may also sync it to your smartphone via Bluetooth.) Overkill? Maybe, however, an excessive amount of information is an idea golfer can’t get their heads around.

Lastly, in the bells-and-whistles department, the folks at Garmin have incorporated a couple of pedagogical options known as TempoTraining and SwingStrength. Golfers have all the heard  ratio 3:1 when it comes to professional golfers; that’s the relative duration of the backswing to follow-through that amateurs should ostensibly try to emulate. The S6’s built-in accelerometer can indicate your speed either graphically or sonically, and train you to match the ideal. That function is finest used on the driving vary, as you don’t need to be beeping your way round an actual golf course.

Battery Life

Garmin’s claim that the Approach S6 will last round 8 hours per charge appears accurate when used on the course extensively, which means one should charge the device in between rounds. When you simply use it as a watch, the Garmin will stay charged for months and roughly half a day when you enable Bluetooth notifications. All told, it should be final so long as you do except you are taking part in 36 holes on a given day.


As soon as I arrived on the course, the Approach S6 without fail was in a position to zero in on the place on Earth I was, after which auto-advance hole by gap because the round progressed. Its measurement of distances just from point A to point B was accurate to within 4 yards of the on-course yardage markers. With regards to approach shots to the inexperienced, I may touch the screen to get a fresh actual idea how of far I was from the flagstick, a critically necessary feature.

You may only keep rating in the course of the round although you received have the ability to view your entire scorecard or detailed statistics till you sync up later with a cellular system or laptop. Assuming you don’t need to be carrying your smartphone round on the course (poor etiquette, for one factor), the S6 will silently notify you of any incoming phone calls and can show text messages if Bluetooth is activated. Navigating from the screen to screen, via the touch screen and four buttons, is less than intuitive, however, could be mastered shortly after a couple of rounds.


The S6 returned distances inside our average anticipated a vary of variance of GPS units, usually plus or minus as much as 4 yards from actual miles (based mostly on marked sprinkler heads).


Retail Value: The Garmin S6 golf GPS watch retails for $399.99, which makes it the priciest golf GPS watch in our tests.

Fees for Access to Course Database: As with different units within the Garmin family, the Approach S6 carries no extra charges for course map updates.

Three-Yr Complete Value of Possession: With no additional yearly costs to obtain the newest course data, the three-year total value for the S6 stays $399.99. At this worth level, it’s nonetheless the most expensive golf GPS watch in our exams.

Worth: Sure, it’s very costly. However, it’s so cool, with options that no different watch can contact. When you’re taking a look at a high-end golf GPS watch, we expect the Garmin Strategy S6 is well worth the splurge.

Final Thought

Combining a color touchscreen, smartphone notifications, 39,000 courses, and swing the analysis, the Garmin Approach S6 a great, if expensive, companion for any stats-obsessed golfer.


Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch
The Approach S6 is a feature-packed hi-res color touchscreen GPS golf watch with built in swing metrics
$290.00 $349.99
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