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House of Marley Liberate XLBT Bluetooth Headphones Review

Update - 2020.04.14

House Of Marley’s Liberate XLBTs allow to go wi-fi and help save the planet on the similar time.The inserts for each earpiece use wooden approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), whereas the headband, earpieces including carrying pouch all use ‘REWIND’, the company’s personal fabric, blended with reclaimed hemp, natural cotton and fibers from recycled plastic bottles. Are you in want of an audio improve, yet need something above and beyond the typical all-plastic design? Effectively you’re not the only one. The parents at Home of Marley work with a lot of pure wooden, cloth, and metallic. If you need some new cans, that feel and sound superb.


From the power and rawness of a live concert to the profound differences of an elaborate studio track, our dedication to audio performance comes via irrespective of who’s in your playlist.Marley’s “Signature Sound” delivers easy, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids, and an energized high-end. Customized engineering and tuning by the very best ears within the business mean your music is delivered with final sonic clarity.  The entire track is delivered like it’s wrapped in cotton wool. Bass notes sound unfastened and sick outlined – and the re’s a haze to the sound, which robs it of any clarity.

Audio Quality

The House of Marley Liberate XLBT headphones delivers some lovely sound, which makes all of them the extra engaging. It doesn’t matter in which case you select to hear via Bluetooth or the audio cable, as music sound is same. The re are some nice dynamics that come from these headphones. Lateral motion between the left and right sides are smooth, and the positioning of components on the stage is each fast and detailed. In the event you’re hard of listening to or like to blast music loud, the Liberate XLBT headphones shall be a favorite. I thought I have a heard loud before, but these get loud. With this headphone quantity is maxed, I only want my smartphone quantity between 15 and 45 p.C, depending on track and style.

Bluetooth & Battery

With wi-fi audio devices, the Bluetooth range of the Liberate XLBT headphones is active. I’ve been capable of stroll over 28 ft earlier than the connection begins to drop. Whereas in vary, the audio stays principally free from skips and pauses. You’ll encounter them occasionally, but not as much versus the average pair of headphones.

The only minor complaint in regards to the Bluetooth high quality of these headphones is that you simply experience a very slight hiss and pop. That is most notable when a song is paused or discontinued. You hit the button, hear about three seconds of hissing earlier than the pop, after which it disappears into silence. However, in case you hear carefully after pressing play, you simply would possibly hear that hissing earlier than it’s drowned out by music. Fortunately, this little facet of wi-fi operation isn’t easy to choose upon with common listening. Regarding battery life, I’ve been capable of listening to music for nicely over half a whole day. The charging time doesn’t appear to take that long, so 12 hours of wi-fi audio playback isn’t too shabby.


I like the feel of the protein leather-based cups, even when they do get a little heat over time. It’s typical. The foam padding inside has a great squishy feel, but it sure seems to be a little less agency than what I’m usually accustomed to. After brief listening classes, it goes from feeling “less firm” to “too comfortable” The metal band gives a good clamping drive that feels even on the highest and the back side, towards the side of the top. This metal doesn’t have any memory, so you may bend it to customize the stress. But it does a nice job at holding towards the ears and conserving the load from bearing down on the top of your head.


A singular blend of high-tech and eco-conscious design, Marley products look pretty much as good as they sound.Each component is artfully thought of to the tiniest element. Utilizing responsibly-sourced supplies, our audio line options our unique REWIND™ fabric, cotton and canvas textiles, recyclable metals, bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) licensed woods. Combining beauty and durability, Marley products bring your music and style again to earth with a warmth and character that’s unparalleled. Good touches include the battery indicator, the place four pinpricks of light point out how a lot of life is left in the cans. If it’s essential to swap to utilizing them wired, the provided cable additionally has a mic and one-button control for answering calls. Playback and volume are modified through the use of easy, plastic rocker buttons – they’re okay, but it could be good to have a way of differentiating between the two units; they’re just about an identical in size and shape and sit very close together.

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