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Ink Lite – Live Wallpapers: Review And Features

Ink Lite – Live Wallpapers: Review And Features

Description of Ink Lite – Live Wallpapers Review

A stunning collection of unique live wallpapers.

A collection of stunning wallpaper that will melt your eyes. The y pop and demand attention. Full of life and life, they transform your brand new powerful device that brings these wallpapers fully animated to life.
High-contrast backgrounds, vivid colors and a wide range of color support in combination with fluid animations make Ink Live Wallpapers something very special.
On the iPhone X OLED display, you can experience true blacks, while the flow of expanding animation only illuminates the pixels you need, which is truly remarkable.

Live Wallpapers only work on devices that support 3D Touch:
iPhone X
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 6s plus
iPhone 6s

Short App Description:
Unique live wallpapers
Live colorful and alive for every taste
Fully animated backgrounds
Exclusive wallpapers that come with ink only.
Wide Color Gamut Support
Liquid animations
Great support for the iPhone X OLED display

One note: wallpapers can be "flushed", which means that today's wallpapers may not be there forever, on purpose, as we want to keep the wallpapers as infrequent as possible. Any background image / theme / background can be replaced at a later date. Of course you can save the live wallpaper in your photo gallery.

If your wallpaper does not move, your device most likely does not support 3D touch, or your device is in sleep mode. The wallpapers, backgrounds and designs are all live and animated. Therefore, they should move when set on a 3D touch device.

All wallpapers are either created, purchased or owned by Unicorn Apps. By downloading you agree to our Terms of Use:

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us at any time:

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