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Jabra Halo Smart Review

The plan in which we use our phones is changing continuously and at the end of the day what happen; they’re more like little computers with a phone app. The y’ve developed into our mobile workstations and the Jabra Halo Smart wireless aim to make phone calls a little less disturbing by making sure your microphone quality is high notch. The se headphones have been made with call quality front and center, and so they use top quality microphones along with the wind protection technology to ensure that you do not have to repeat the sentences while talking to somebody. The Halo Smart likewise have some nifty features which led to receiving notifications and make answering calls even easier. The re is a small magnetic part of the headphones which you can clip the earbuds(when you are not using them), and separating them will automatically answer an incoming call.

Last updated on October 25, 2020 11:28 pm

The tip fit is always slightly off; all Bluetooth models don’t sound the most useful, and models that wire the right and left channels mutually—and the ones that have a  band behind the neck—often get tangled in my lengthy, thick hair. I’m a wireless earphone atheist, but I’m constantly on the quest for an excellent product.

I’m not sure Jabra’s Halo Smart headsets are the ones for me. However, they have some nice features that make the $80 price level more than reasonable.

Build & Design

Like many different pairs of Bluetooth headphones, the Halo Smarts take advantage of the ever-popular neckband design. All the bigger parts are packed into the neckband with the earbuds attached to either end. Although it seems to be weird, it’s just about an acceptable design these days. The y’re made of a hard plastic that maintains some flexibility to allow them to relaxation on your shoulder with ease.

On the right half, the tip is where you’ll discover most of the controls. The re are three buttons (plus sign, circle, and minus sign) that allow you to control your music as well as answer/end phone calls. On the left is a single mic icon along with the grill for the microphone. The receiver takes an up a good portion of the space. However, the re’s a purpose for that. Jabra put great emphasis on voice calls with the Halo Smart headphones. The se have a high-quality wind-resistant microphone constructed in, so you’ll be able to take and make clear calls anywhere.

One of the cooling features of these headphones is that the earbuds have a magnetic backing. So if you’re not using them, they can clip to the metal a part of the neckband, and even to each other. Snapping the earbuds together (or pulling them apart) initiates, even more, controls, like answering phone calls or pausing music playback. I found it most useful while listening to podcasts. I was able to pause playback just by clipping them collectively around my neck so I wouldn’t lose my spot.

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Different features:

  • IP54 water-resistant rating
  • 10mm drivers
  • 17 hour talk time, 14-hour music playback time
  • Siri and Google Now integration
  • Versatile neckband for comfort


The wireless headset comes with 4 gel tips of various size and shapes in the box, and one of them fit my ears flawlessly. (You can regularly buy third-party tips for your earphones, but it’s clearly preferable to have them meet immediately, so you don’t need to spend more.)

The Halo Smart contains a flexible neckband which is very light weighted, so you can adjust it to fit just right. The neckband isn’t my chosen style—I think it looks a super dorky—however Jabra’s Adam Robertson told me the design had been selected to serve a battery which gives 17 hours of talk time or 15 hours of the music playback on a one-time full charge. According to my opinion, using this earphone normally for music and podcasts while commuting and at the workplace, It needs to charge up once a week only. (It also includes a USB cable in the box.)


Out of the box the Halo Smart headphones pair as much as any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet with ease. Placing the headphones on my neck offered a comfortable match, and my first impressions of music playback were somewhat tamed. Features seemed fairly standard with the controls: short press the +/- buttons for increasing and decreasing volume, long press +/- buttons for fast ahead/rewind with the middle button controlling power/Bluetooth attachment.

At first, these headphones look like your typical Bluetooth style headphones. And for the price of $79.99, I assumed this is what I would get along with your regular headphones.

Overall Jabra Halo Smart Review

9 Total Score
The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the Halo Smart by Jabra are pretty much what you’d expect. The y’re great if you make a lot of phone calls or need to stay connected, not so great if you’re super into audio quality. That’s not to say that the sound isn’t bad, but it surely isn’t good either. It’s merely passable. However, it’s the useful extra features and beautiful battery life that makes them a sensible choice. Although they’re not what you’d call cheap, they’re also probably not expensive at only $80. If your priority is call quality and handy features and can live with average sound, these are for you. For the rest of us, it’s not so great deal.

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