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Kazam Thunder 450W Review

The Kazam Thunder 450W is a Windows Phone that isn’t made by Microsoft. And he tries to surpass the Lumia series Microsoft at its personal game in a transparent field: colour.

This is among the brightest we have seen combined, and it’s definitely one that’ll evoke strong feelings like Marmite, you will either like it or hate it.

The smartphone design is inspired by the great looking HTC One M7, which stays one of the attractive smartphones ever made. The 450W might be described as an odd mishmash of other smartphone styles.

In some methods, it’s behind the occasions; for starters, the re’s no 4G first. However, it’s a affordable alternative to the Microsoft Lumia 640 and kings such as budget Android Motorola Moto G.

Kazam Thunder 450W: Design

Kazam Thunder 450W

From the front at the least, the Kazam Thunder 450W very similar to the HTC One from 2013. The bold stripes sitting up and down his face, the distinction right here is that they’re Day-Glo yellow instead metallic.

It’s so HTC-like, actually, we were approached by several individuals asking where we had found such skin “nice” for our HTC One smartphone. It might be the mimicry, however it is among the most attractive phones we have seen during the last decade.

Not everybody is quite so seduced by the bright highlighter-style Kazam Thunder 450W. However, Kazam has executed the design well sufficient, with a look-out earlier than that’s both bold and confident.

For all the similarities with the HTC One, Kazam Thunder 450W is extra modest when it comes to construction. It’s made totally of plastic, with a thin battery cover you may simply remove with a finger.

Build quality is fair. The Kazam Thunder 450W creaks considerably when any hand pressure is utilized, which isn’t only when the bending of the rear panel. The sounds proceed even when the panel is removed.

Since this handset isn’t at the end of the rock-bottom of the market, we might have anticipated the Kazam Thunder 450W to be a bit extra robust. However, close examination, it’s clear why it suffers from such questions. The Kazam Thunder 450W is a smartphone fairly stitch heavy, resulting in many tectonic plates rub towards each other.

Kazam Thunder 450W: Display

Kazam Thunder 450W

The Kazam Thunder 450W has what it has change into a gold standard for entry level & mid-range smartphones at lower price: a 5 inch LCD 1280 x 720 pixels.

This IPS display appears reasonably comparable to what’s proposed in combined 500 pounds – that’s to say it’s large enough and powerful sufficient. Naturally, pixel densities are a lot greater on providing Full HD and qHD phones.

Colours on the Kazam Thunder 450W seem quite natural, and an ambient light sensor on the front leaves a smartphone switch between brightness settings automatically. It’s right here that we find the primary question 50W display screen. The brightness of the Self isn’t up. Although the display screen is completely capable of going very bright – sufficient to meet super vibrant days – you’ll need to move to the backlight setting “up” to really make use of it. Take it outside and brightness Auto will leave the path of the display too dark.

He suffers within the different direction: it will not simply dark sufficient in either low gentle conditions.

Kazam Thunder 450W: Camera

Kazam Thunder 450W

The Kazam Thunder 450W has a 8 MP rear (primary) camera, which will produce high quality pictures. Its 2 MP front camera makes it an average selection for selfies. It may capture 1080p high definition video with its main camera, which is 2nd only to 4K in terms of recording quality.

Kazam Thunder 450W: Software

Kazam Thunder 450W

The Kazam Thunder 450W makes use of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft’s mobile operating system. It does not enable for a lot in the way of manufacturer customisation, so that you do get that pure Windows feel. Not that Kazam would try to alter anything even if it might. Even when working on tweak happy Android smartphones, the corporate barely makes any modifications to the core system.

Kazam Thunder 450W: Battery

Kazam Thunder 450W

Battery life fares a bit better than some areas of the camera. The Kazam Thunder 450W makes use of a 2,200mAh unit that is not locked into the phone.

In pretty light use, on a single charge, you will get a solid day and a few change. We found that when sticking to Facebook, WhatsApp and a few camera use, there was an excellent 30% cost left by bed time at 11pm.

Here it is just like the 4G Moto G 2nd Gen; the 4G version was given a battery upgrade. A part of thisperformance is down to the relative efficiency of Windows Phone. Begin streaming video, however, and you will see the battery level seep down faster than handsets such as the Vodafone Smart 6 Ultra.

Kazam Thunder 450W: Specification

  • OS: Windows Phone 8.1
  • Body: 70 x 144.8 x 7.75 mm
  • Weight: 139 g
  • Display: 1280 x 720 pixels , 5.0 inch
  • Memory: 8 GB internal, 32 expandable, 1 GB RAM
  • Processor: Qualcomm Adreno 302
  • Camera: 8 MP, 2 MP secondary
  • Battery: 2,200 mAh

Kazam Thunder 450W: Verdict

Kazam Thunder 450W

Probably the most eye-catching price range Windows Phone we have seen, however it is let down by poor build quality and a lack of 4G.
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