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Level Tool+: Review And Features

Level Tool+: Review And Features

Description of Level Tool+ Review

Bubble Level (one of the 12 tools in the iMetalBox) is now free! Take this chance to download!

======== User reviews ========

• "Works well and stylishly!" – HellofromFeeworld746
• "Exactly what I need it for, simple and easy." – LtHottRod
• "No drama, do what I need." – Leon8004
• "I have mine (welders) and it worked well." – sparks in the dark


Full Retina display support for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5!

Also look at iMetalBox: 12 in 1, you get 12 useful tools with the price of one!

You can use Level ° for:
– Picture frame orientation
– Measure angles and inclinations
– House decoration
– And much more!

Calibrate commands:
– To calibrate the levels, hold the phone to a reference surface and press the Calibration key.
– Do this twice for vertical and horizontal alignment.

Download from Itunes

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