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MicroStrategy Mobile iPhone: Review And Features

Description of MicroStrategy Mobile iPhone Review

• Excellent product life cycle assessment from Gartner in its Mobile BI Report
• Reviewed by Industry Analyst Howard Dresner # 1 – 4 years in a row
• Reviewed by Cindi Howson – 4 years in a row
• In Gartner BI MQ # 1 for mobile features – 3 years in a row
Rated by BARC in BI survey # 1 for mobile use – 4 years in a row
• Ranked # 1 in the 2014 Ventana Research Mobile BI Value Index

Build and deploy a mobile employee productivity app in less than a week that's useful to everyone in your organization. MicroStrategy Mobile is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to mobilize your existing operating and information systems. Connect with your employee sign-in systems to deliver personalized multi-factor security applications to hundreds of thousands of your employees, partners, and customers.

Secure, personalized, highly scalable mobile apps for the business. Powerful enterprise features. Unprecedented ease of use. That's the strength of MicroStrategy.

Explore the MicroStrategy Mobile App to get an idea of ​​what's possible in your industry or role. Or, connect it to your MicroStrategy projects to instantly mobilize your app designs.

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