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M&T Mobile InfoPLU$-Commercial for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of M&T Mobile InfoPLU$-Commercial for iPhone Review

M & T Mobile InfoPLU $ -Commercial Banking

This application is ONLY for commercial and business customers using M & T Web Info® or Web InfoPLU $ ® Services.

You can NOT access your personal accounts created through our retail service.

Mobile InfoPLU $ must be activated before the first use by M & T Bank.

Mobile InfoPLU $ is M & T Bank's extension of the Web Info® / Web InfoPLU $ ® platform, which allows users to retrieve account information and approve payments from their mobile devices. With this tool, you can manage your business's daily financial activities while you're on the move. With Mobile InfoPLU $ you can:
• View current day and transaction information
• Access the daily balance and transaction history and search for it
• Approve time-based payments
• Check the pictures

To find out more or to sign up, please fill out the form "Contact Me to Set Up Mobile InfoPLU $" online: or ask your Treasury Management Consultant for more information.

Use of these features and services requires Internet and / or data access via a mobile device. Subject to availability and the same restrictions as other services available over the Internet. M & T Bank is not responsible for matters beyond its control that could affect availability and functionality. M & T Bank reserves the right to suspend service at any time for any reason. The SMS and data charges of your mobile service provider may apply.

The balance of accounts can change at any time as M & T processes items and charges for accounts, and the information provided to a mobile user through the service can quickly become obsolete. In addition, the transaction and balance information can be updated at different times. The display of the account history may be limited by the number of transactions supported on the mobile device, as determined by Them & T Bank.

iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Use of these marks is subject to the consent of their respective owners. M & T Bank is not endorsed, supported, affiliated with Apple or otherwise authorized by Apple Inc.

Unless otherwise stated, all announced offers and terms and conditions for accounts and services may change at any time without notice. Once an account has been opened or the service begins, it is subject to its terms, conditions and conditions, which may change at any time in accordance with applicable laws and agreements. Please contact an M & T representative for full details.

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