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NOVAtime Mobile for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of NOVAtime Mobile for iPhone Review

Only for NOVAtime 4000 and NOVAtime 5000 Self-Hosted Clients. ** Important ** Server configuration is required.

NOVAtime Mobile Web Services (NMWS) for iPhone provides self-service capabilities for employees and supervisors. Available features include: Punch, Transfer, View Timesheets, View Schedule, View Provisions, Apply for Exemption, View Leave Requests, and Submit Timesheets.

Employees can punch and transfer jobs with their iPhone. GPS information can be captured with the authorization of the iPhone user.

To use this application, your organization must be an existing customer of the NOVAtime 4000 Workforce Management Solution. Contact your system administrator or an authorized reseller to configure access for your iPhone.

1. Use of this app requires data usage, subject to additional charges. The data charges depend on the mobile service provider and the actual usage patterns.
2. The NOVAtime Native Mobile App collects and transmits (or enables the transmission of) geolocation information to the NOVAtime Workforce Management solution. The app accesses geo-location information for the sole purpose of capturing the location of employees' timestamps. The app stores geo location information in separate electronic timesheets for each employee. The information is provided with the sole intention of enabling supervisors / managers to review locations from which employees report time gaps. GPS data collection requires employee (app user) authorization. Location information is not collected if GPS is not authorized.
3. The app transmits geo-location information only to the NOVAtime database of the customer company to which an employee is connected. Geo location information collected by the app is the property of the customer and may be used and disclosed at the discretion of the customer. NOVAtime is not responsible for the release of geo-location information by the customer.
4. GPS location accuracy depends on physical location, signal strength, and wireless service provider. NOVAtime can not guarantee the capture of exact locations.

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