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Oppo PM-3 Review

The Oppo PM-3 is Oppo’s 3rd planar magnetic headphone, following the Oppo PM-1 and Oppo PM-2. Unlike the Oppo PM-1 and Oppo PM-2, the Oppo PM-3 is a closed back design. The Oppo PM-3 block out surrounding noise from the outside world and also keep your music to yourself, making them perfect for public transport or different conditions where you might have to be more thoughtful.

Oppo PM-3: Design

Oppo PM-3 Design

Build quality is also superb, The Oppo PM-3 are available in black, they’re mainly metallic and according to Oppo have been extensively stress tested. From the outside, the headphones look almost similar to higher Oppo PM-1 and Oppo PM-2 models, so very elegant. The y’ve only undergone a small weight reduction program. The ear pads are a bit smaller, and plastic was used in less sensitive areas instead of metallic. Key structural elements similar to forks holding the ear pads or their covers are still made from metallic, which can be felt while holding the headphones in our hands. Oppo PM-3 had to lose weight because the designers needed them to be the 1st OPPO’s mobile headphones suitable for outside use as well as home. The one problem with the build quality is the pads aren’t user replaceable, they can be changed and removed, but only by sending them back. Oppo ships the Oppo PM-3 with both a 1.2-meter cable extra suited towards portable use and a 3-meter cable, a nice touch that provides flexibility. Built-in mic and phone controls are built into the 1.2-meter cable and you’re offered your choice of an iOS or Android compatible version.

Oppo PM-3: Performance

Oppo PM-3 Performance

Oppo PM-3 are normal headphones, but they have a lot in common with mobile equipment as shopping trolley with a car. The open-back construction makes them appropriate for home listening, preferably with a strong headphone amplifier. Oppo PM-3 are one of the few planar headphones that do not cause such trouble. The y can be utilized at home as well as on a walk. Also, your ears heat up a little, however, they’re fine for the 2-3 hour listening sessions with no break, and ideal for commuting. The headband pads are well padded and cause no discomfort.

Oppo PM-3: Comfort

Oppo PM-3 Comfort

The comfort factor is still up there with The Best of them thanks to the extremely good ear pads and headband. Plush padding, soft materials, and close to excellent clamping pressure make the Oppo PM-3 one of the comfortable headphones. The Only little problem is that the pad depth on the left was not quite holding the cup off on the ear, after a few hours use its became irritated. The ear was simply making contact and that low but constant stress feeling bothe red after a few hours use.

Oppo PM-3: Verdict

Oppo PM-3 Verdict

Oppo PM-3 does a superb job recreating that lively sound and presenting music in a way.

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