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OurPact Jr.: Review And Features

Description of OurPact Jr. Review

** OurPact Jr. is the companion app for devices linked to OurPact Parent Accounts. **

Do not install on higher-level devices. Install OurPact Jr. on your devices you want to manage.

If you have an OurPact account, you can download OurPact Jr. on devices associated with your account.

OurPact Jr. is a portal for users on a paired device to display their screen time limits and schedules.

With OurPact Jr., a user can see the current status of their screen time limits. For example, they can see if they are currently granted or blocked. You can also see the duration of your blockage or access your device later.

OurPact Jr. users can view not only their daily screen schedules, but also weekly schedules. By tapping on the Scheduler view, you can see which schedules have been created for that particular day and later in the week.

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