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Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Review

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

The imaginative firm comes up with units like no others. A few years in the past they came up with the Buckshot, a bit cylindrical speaker that could be fastened to a bicycle handlebar or hung from a backpack loop. Now they have expanded that design into the Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro, which provides a flashlight and a battery charger.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro: Design

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Design

The Outdoor Tech Buckshot¬†Pro was designed and developed to be extremely versatile to be your go-to speaker on any out of doors adventure. ¬†The very first thing you’ll notice about the Outdoor Tech Buckshot¬†Pro is how small it’s, but do not let that fool you as it comes packed¬†with lots of features. ¬†Along with pumping out your playlist via Bluetooth, the¬†Outdoor Tech Buckshot¬†Pro will also be used as a USB charger in your phone and as a flashlight. Designed to replicate a shotgun case,¬†the Outdoor Tech Buckshot¬†Pro weighs in at¬†6.7 ounces and features a passive bass port for bigger sound.¬†The speaker additionally comes geared up with a bicycle handlebar mounting strap so you may enjoy some music in your next bike journey while additionally charging your phone and utilizing the flashlight to illuminate the highway in front in you. Along with all of this, the Outdoor Tech Buckshot¬†Pro is¬†water-resistant, rated to the IPX5 standard. ¬†If the goal was utility by the Outdoor Tech team, then aim achieved!

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro: Sound 

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Sound

It is good and loud. You will hear it as long as you have got the speaker facing up and never down. It is a small speaker and not a subwoofer you would be standing next to at a rave wondering if you can really touch the sound you are seeing.

It is about the good sound for a camping speaker, nice sound for being on a bike as long as you point it towards your head, it is not quite a bring the party to this room speaker, but it is okay. All that is subjective of course. I think for outdoors they did a pretty good job with it.

It does have a slight cardboard cup sound to a few of the music I have been playing, I do not know that that is surpassable in something this size, however.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro: Flash Light

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Flash Light

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Flash Light

It has ambient and directional settings as well as flashing. It is first rate looking around a basement flashlight, but it does not appear to be powerful enough to carry back the ravages of night and fling back the opaque curtains. It will help you find your keys or get you to a bathroom

According to the specification booklet, the device has an 80-200-lumen rating. I assume the 80 is the ambient and the 200 directed. I left my 200-lumen flashlight at home so I can not match. It is good for scene illumination, but you are not going to light a stage with it.

The flashlight head separate so you can obtain the charging functions of the device. It has a ring that screws as much as hold it on, so no worries about losing your head.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro: Battery

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Battery

Battery life is advertised as 10 hours and we were capable of achieving between 9 and 11 hours constantly. Overall, the Buckshot Pro lasts a very long time and will not disappoint you on your next adventure.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro: Verdict

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Verdict

The Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro is a flexible, travel-friendly portable speaker that is properly suited for hiking or camping, providing offers some good extras with its lighting and USB charging capabilities.

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